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Episode 2 of Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us is almost here. Telltale has released a trailer to tease some of the bloody events still to come in the five-episode adventure.

Wolf Among Us is based on Bill Willingham comic book series Fables. In this series, fairy tale characters from another realm have been driven from their homes. These characters, known as "Fables," have resettled in a secret neighborhood of New York City. They use magical disguises to keep themselves hidden from the mundane world.

Telltale's game is a prequel to the comics. It focuses on Bigby Wolf, once known as the Big Bad Wolf, investigating a string of murders. He has to find the killer while also preventing the outside world from discovering Fables' existence. As if that wasn't a tough enough task, he also needs to keep the brutal "wolf" side of his personality in check. The story will change depending on his choices.

Episode One concluded with Bigby arresting either Dee Tweedle or the Huntsman. He'll have the opportunity to interrogate the character that they captured. The trailer suggests that you'll have a choice between playing good cop or bad cop. Bluebeard, a wealthy Fable with a sketchy reputation, will participate in the interrogation as well. I find it a little weird that he's there (isn't he a suspect?) but I guess he's powerful enough to go wherever he wants.

The whole episode doesn't take place in that dark basement, though. As previous screenshots revealed, Bigby will check out a Fables-only gentleman's club in search of answers. While he's at the club, he'll speak with a gentleman brandishing a cricket bat. This is probably another encounter that players can handle with violence if they wish.

Many other Fables will make appearances in this episode as well. Jack, the legendary trickster, will chat with Bigby about the case over drinks. Bigby will also find himself in the middle of a marital dispute between Beauty and her husband Beast.

While it's nice to get a peek at Episode 2, the other benefit of the trailer is that it refreshes us on the story of Episode 1. The first episode was released way back in October so I'm starting to forget some of the finer details.

Telltale has yet to reveal a release date for Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors. They said that it will launch in the first week of February, though. The studio tends to wait until the last minute before announcing a specific date. At least we know the wait is almost over, though.

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