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Blizzard has released a new premium, in-game item for World of Warcraft. Starting today players can cough up $25 for a Winged Guardian mount.

The Winged Guardian looks like a glowing white lion with purple armor and wings. It's one of the coolest mounts Blizzard's ever designed, actually. It's a shame that you have to buy it rather than earn it through the game. However, I guess it wouldn't make any sense to charge real money for an average-looking mount.

When you purchase the Winged Guardian, it will be available for all your present characters. It should just be sitting in your mailbox when you log in. Any characters you create in the future will also get the mount, though you'll obviously have to wait until you're the appropriate level to ride it.

This is the second in-game mount Blizzard has offered players for real-world money. Last year they released a Celestial Steed for the same price.

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