"Wuss Mode" Mod For SOMA Gives Scaredy-Cats A Break

Developed by Frictional Games, survival horror and deep-sea thriller, SOMA, boasts terrifying scenes of high tension while traipsing around in the dark of an underwater research facility where inhuman creatures emerge from the shadows to send you crying home to mommy. But if you’re not the type who enjoys a seriously terrifying horror game, well, there’s a mod that might have a way around some of the horror. You can check out the video showcasing elements of the mod below.

The main purpose of the mod is to make it so that the monsters in the game are not able to attack you. The above video footage shows a number of scenes where the player is walking around an enemy and the enemy acts as if they don’t see the player at all. For those afraid of horror games, it’s a dream come true.

The mod was developed by The Dreamer to help those get through the game without facing the terrifying, mechanical creatures. The Dreamer did note,

Chase scenes will still happen, as they are necessary to advance the plot, and creatures of the abyss will still bite, but their damage has been reduced to zero.

While some monsters might not even see you, others will still pay attention to you, but won’t do any damage. When you put it like that, it almost does sound like an extremely easy mode or perhaps even cheating. The original SOMA creatures are absolutely terrifying when they attack you. Check out some of them below.

In response to the mod, I can’t understand why anyone would want to take the horror out of a survival horror game. One person noted under the Steam post that the real horror wasn’t from the enemies anyway, that it came from things that happened outside of being bombarded by the creatures. But doesn’t the absence of the risk of getting attacked by a monster diminish the level of tension? Surely that has a direct effect on the level of fear. I think mods like this destroy the true ambiance of survival horror gameplay. But that’s purely an opinionated statement.

If you want to experience the mod for yourself, there are instructions on how to download it on the Steam page.