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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Entire Hour Of Gameplay Looks Delicious

Fans of the old Micropose X-Com games will easily fall in love with XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Everything, nearly everything you loved about the original turn-based games makes a return in the upcoming title and if you're a fan of the old titles by all accounts the footage will more than easily make you want to pre-order the game.

It's a challenge to get through writing this right now without heading to the pre-order page. The hour worth of footage comes courtesy of a live stream from 2K Games and Firaxis staff. It looks so freaking amazing or maybe I'm just letting my old-school fanboyism take over? Regardless, strategy fans will absolutely love this game. Check it out below.

Anyone from the old-school that had doubts about the game, it's easy to see how those doubts can be absolved after having watched the stream above.

For good games I can imagine streams would be perfect for promotional purposes, they sure as heck work a lot better than pre-scripted trailers or pre-screened footage put together as if it's aimed at appeasing the Michael Bay fans. It works for some blockbusters but it certainly doesn't work for every game.

2K and Firaxis did right in the way they've been promoting XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The audience awaiting this game are looking for confirmation that this is an actual upgrade and evolutionary experience from the X-Coms of old. So it was smart of them to talk up a lot of the highlights from the previous games and how they've been implemented or upgraded for today's strategy genre.

You can pre-order XCOM: Enemy Unknown right now and the game is looking like it's actually worth every penny. The title is set for release on October 9th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. You can learn more by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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