Firaxis Games has released an innovative new video promoting their strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The video is an interactive, "choose your own adventure" style experience that makes you feel like you're actually playing the game.

In XCOM, players command an agency trying to defend Earth from extraterrestrials. They'll respond to alien attacks across the globe with a squad of hand-picked soldiers. It's up to the players to direct each individual character's actions in battle

The turn-based combat seen in the video is only part of the game, though. You'll also manage your agency's day-to-day operations. It's up to you to decide what alien technology to research, what equipment to build, and so forth. You'll even direct aircraft to intercept UFOs before they can land.

I was very skeptical of this interactive video but it turned out to be an entertaining 20 minutes. Seems like a good way to rope in players who are too lazy to download the Steam demo. PS3 and Xbox 360 owners haven't gotten a demo yet so this is a way for them to kinda-sorta go hands-on with the game as well.

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