Xbox 360's XIM3 Mouse And Keyboard Adapter Now Available In Limited Quantities

Wipe your tears and dry your face, the QQ’ing is all done and over with online deathmatching, given that XIM Technologies has released the XIM3 mouse and keyboard adapter so you can showcase your l33t skills, just the way they were meant to be displayed.

Start preparing your one-liners and tea-bag taunts because the XIM3 is unlike any other adapter on the market, with adaptive technology used to compensate for console game’s aim-assists, meaning that players have complete control and freedom of movement when using the mouse for controller-made games. This results in quicker and more precise aiming.

For those of you wondering how the technology adapts to the various types of games you play, just read the following…

Smart translators are free and available at Smart Translators are available for such popular games as Crysis 2, COD: Modern Warfare 2, COD: Black Ops, Halo Reach, Gears of War, Read Dead Redemption and many more with new Smart Translators always in the works. Even without a Smart Translator, the XIM3 still provides a much higher level of precision and will transform your gameplay experience.

Could this be considered as cheating? Having such a huge advantage over the competition? No, it’s not cheating…it’s called l33ting and if you have the skills, you can do it too.

For those of you who prefer using a special kind of mouse and keyboard combination, take note that the XIM3 is compatible with a number of third party devices and brands, including MadCatz, Logitech and Razer mice and keyboards.

You can pick up a XIM3 adapter for $149.99. Keep in mind that they’re only available in limited quantities so buy fast. You can learn more by visiting the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.