The Xbox One is really living up to the 180 label, not only has the console been on the receiving end of more reversals than a pay-per view wrestling match featuring Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins, but there has been more policy backtracking than Mitt Romney's run on the Presidential campaign trail. That last point was made poignantly evident with Microsoft's latest ad for the Xbox One.

Pixel Enemy was scouring the battlegrounds of NeoGaf and came across the following console war ad, which you can view below.

Well look at that... it's “Your Choice” between playing via disc or digital download. Remember before, when it was Microsoft's mandate that all games load from the hard drive and discs were just data carriers and it got Angry Joe all... angry?

“Your Games”... exemplifying the option to buy, trade and sell your games when you want to. Remember before how Microsoft's selling point for the Xbox One was that there would be used game fees and only registered retailers with the Azure network would allow you to trade-in some games?

“Your Call”... Microsoft is making it known that you can play games online or offline, it's no longer dictated that all games have to be registered online and forced through the “Infinite Power of the Cloud”.

Oh, and what's this? “Your Schedule”... you can play games when you want, before or after you walk the dog, before or after you cheat on your spouse, before or after you take a dump, smoke a blunt, kick the bucket or iron the curtains? Well, that sure beats running back to your Xbone and checking your wrist watch to make sure you did the mandatory 24 hour check-in, lest you find yourself blocked from the games you paid for.

I'm still curious how well the Xbox One will work out for families who don't have broadband at all? I mean, that initial setup is going to be a pain over dial-up.

While Pro-Corporate White Knights will justify that anyone who doesn't have broadband shouldn't be buying an Xbone, it should be noted that some people do buy luxury items without having high-speed internet. Heck, some people still live in the United States you know.

I imagine this ad will make its way around the net to help improve the dire image that has been cast over the mold that is the public perception of the Xbox One. Heck, Microsoft can't even get a handle on the “Xbone” nickname that managed to rustle Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb's Jimmies as if here were wearing a miniskirt while riding a mechanical bull during Happy Hour.

I guess we'll find out if the ad works once November 22nd rolls around and the average consumer has a chance to drop 500 bones for an Xbone. Until then, Microsoft has the unsavory task of trying to clean up the public image of the Xbox One, which seems almost about as impossible as Anthony Weiner trying to portray himself as a politician who isn't a habitual pervert.

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