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Xbox One Getting External Game Storage Soon, Says Major Nelson

Larry “Major 'Flip Switcher' Nelson” Hryb has come forward to address some of the growing concerns and frustrations from within the Xbox camp, assuaging the grumptious disposition of members associated with the green and black brand. What did Nelson have to say and why is it important? Well, if having an actual game collection is important to you, then what he had to spout becomes doubly important.

Gear Nuke was threading through Reddit when they came across Major Nelson soothing down the inflammation building up under the skin of the Xbox fanboys. While the initial post was about praising the Xbox One and Microsoft's progress, the responses were very much on the side of wonderment in terms of “when will the console get 'x' feature?”

Nelson's few sparse but hopeful responses were voted up for all the world to see, writing...

“Lot’s of good work going on to make the console even better – some you’ll see soon, some will show up later. But: it is all good stuff : )”“External game storage is coming soon....I need to check on media support.”

Previously, we wrote about Microsoft promising external storage support with hard drive management, but being able to store games and media outside of the Xbox One's internal drive has yet to arrive.

I'm almost willing to bet that the team is trying to find a way for users to store and load media from external drives without giving hackers a prime window of opportunity to exploit the system and create a soft-mod for the Xbox One.

However, external drive support is becoming ever-more important. Even though the library of the Xbox One is growing ever-so-slowly, it's still just a matter of time before eager gamers fill up their 391GB of free space.

This is also added to the fact that games aren't getting any smaller – well, if we're not counting games running on the Source Engine. It's easy to see the drive getting filled to the brim when you have large games like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefied 4, Thief and many other AAA titles in your library. That's not to mention that all eighth-gen games across the PS4 and Xbox One have to be installed first before they can be played.

As for media support... I would prefer if they added full DLNA media functionality instead of external media storage support, because I'm sure there are a ton of people out there who would probably like to easily tap their PC/mobile device media capabilities directly from the Xbox One without having to use the “PlayTo” feature from Windows. For those of you who didn't know, it is possible to stream media from your PC to your Xbox One, but it's not as ideal as the current, close relationship shared between your PC and Xbox 360.

Nevertheless, I sure hope the support for external storage and true DLNA support arrives soon. It's such a shame that the seventh gen consoles still perform better when it comes to true multimedia support.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.