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Xbox One Is Making All Of These Games Backwards Compatible

Microsoft has announced that 16 new games are now available for the Xbox One from the Xbox 360 library. These new games being made backwards compatible coincide with the games that are also made available for free through the Games For Gold program, where not only are you getting free Xbox One games but you can also get free Xbox 360 games that you can play on your Xbox One.

Over on the official Major Nelson website, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb revealed that after November 16th, 2015, all games made available on the Xbox 360 as part of the free Games With Gold program will be backwards compatible with the Xbox One. So this encourages gamers to grab the free Xbox Live Gold games for the Xbox 360 in addition to getting the games for the Xbox One. That's four brand new games added to your Xbox Live library for free, each and every month.

As for the 16 new games added to the backwards compatibility list for the Xbox One, they're an eclectic mix of arcade titles and big name AAA games. Check out the list below.

? Braid

? Deus Ex: Human Revolution

? Doritos Crash Course

? Fable 3

? Halo: Reach

? Hydro Thunder

? Iron Brigade

? Kane & Lynch 2

? Motorcross Madness

? Ms. Pac-Man

? Peggle

? Portal: Still Alive

? Spelunky

? Splosion Man

? Ticket to Ride

? Zuma's Revenge

This brings the total to close to 120 titles that are backwards compatible with the Xbox One. The feature has been widely praised by the gaming community, since it opens up the door to allow Xbox 360 owners to carry over and play some of their games on the Xbox One.

Microsoft was really adamant about promoting Halo: Reach being playable on the Xbox One, joining the likes of the other Halo titles that were released as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It's also interesting to see Deus Ex: Human Revolution being made available as a playable title on the Xbox One, ahead of the release of Eidos Montreal's Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which is due for release during the summer of 2016.

Niche puzzle games like Zuma's Revenge and Portal: Still Alive also make the cut, adding some diversity to the genres. We also have a little something-something for racing fans in the form of Hydro Thunder, a game that was released for the Xbox 360 back in 2010 on the Xbox Live Arcade. This was before Microsoft went neck-deep into the Kinect and they began centering a lot of their content around motion-based gaming.

Other popular sleeper hits like Braid making the list is a no-brainer, along with 'Splosion Man, the popular game from Twisted Pixel – yes the same Twisted Pixel that made LocoCycle.

Popular puzzle game Peggle also joins the list of backwards compatible games made available as part of the Xbox One's library, so anyone looking to play a game that they would normally play on a smartphone can get their kicks in with the Xbox 360 title while on their Xbox One.

You can check out the full list of backwards compatible games over on Major Nelson's website where there's a frequently updated list of games that are backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.