Xenonauts, UFO Defense Simulator Gets Graphical Overhaul

The indie turn-based strategy game, Xenonauts, working as a spiritual redo of Micropose's X-Com: UFO Defense, just recently received a graphical overhaul by developer Goldhawk Interactive.

The game is still in its pre-alpha stages but to be honest, a lot of what I'm seeing is looking quite nostalgic to me. While 2K Games and Fireaxis is working on an alternative version of XCOM, I still don't quite see it as being a game that embraces the nostalgia of the original X-Com, not in the way that Xenonauts does.

One of the things Goldhawk Interactive is standing by is that the game is basically going to encompass everything that made the original great but with slight improvements, including lots of squadmates, lots of environmental destruction, lots of atmospheric intrigue and plenty of research and upgrades. I sort of wish this was the direction taken with the newer game, but I guess we should at least be glad 2K decided to do a strategy version of the series anyways.

The new screenshots for Xenonauts shows off improved sprites for some of the environmental objects, including better lighting and more detail. We also get see how the vehicle loadouts will be handled, and thankfully you can bring as many troops as the ship can handle, so it won't just be limited to six soldiers on the battlefield.

You can pre-order Xenonauts right now or learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.