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inFamous Second Son: Meet Delsin Rowe

inFamous: Second Son was one of the big PS4 exclusives rolled during Sony's Wednesday press event. After giving fans of the series a day to speculate, Sucker Punch has detailed the game's plot as well as its new hero, Delsin Rowe.

Second Son takes place seven years after the last inFamous. The events in New Marais and Empire City have led the government to form the Department of Unified Protection (DUP). This agency is dedicated to keeping any citizens with possible superpowers under wraps, to avoid any future bloodshed.

Delsin Rowe is a 24 year old living in the Seattle area. He's a normal, self-absorbed twenty-something until one fateful day. While rescuing passengers from a bus crash, he discovers that he can control smoke or even turn into it. Sucker Punch suggests that he may have acquired the power from one of the passengers in the bus. Perhaps that mystery will be solved in the campaign.

Long story short, the DUP designates Delsin as "bio-terrorist" and tries to take him in. Delsin isn't the obedient type, though. He decides to fight back against the government's authority.

In Second Son, players will be able to freely explore Seattle. As with the past two inFamous games, players will be able to make important choices to change the story. Delsin will presumably have to choose whether to use his powers for good or bad.

For a closer look at Second Son, watch the trailer from Wednesday. Sucker Punch notes that the trailer was created using the game's engine.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.