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Check Out How Car Customization Works In Need For Speed: Payback

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games are gearing up for the newest Need For Speed release called Need For Speed: Payback. The game will feature a return to form when it comes to customizing cars, and fans of Need For Speed: Underground will be right at home.

The Need For Speed: Payback Gameplay Trailer Reminds Us More Than A Little Of Burnout

Electronic Arts finally unveiled the actual gameplay for the upcoming Need For Speed: Payback. The new gameplay footage went live during Electronic Arts' EA Play press conference, and the game reminded us more than a little of EA's other racer, Burnout.

The Next Need For Speed Game Is Called Payback, Here's What We Know

Electronic Arts has revealed the next Need For Speed game ahead of the EA Play event set to take place during this year's E3 festivities. The game will be called Need For Speed: Payback and it is set to arrive this fall during November for home consoles and PC.

E3 Coliseum Will Bring New Panels And Presentations To E3 2017

The Entertainment Software Association is doing something different this year with E3. First of all, they've opened up the three day event to the public, something that hadn't been done in many years. Additionally, they will host a number of panels for consumers and professionals alike.

Here's What You Get For Pre-Ordering Star Wars: Battlefront II

Electronic Arts and DICE have detailed the pre-order bonuses for Star Wars: Battlefront II, highlighting the game's specials for those who pony up the cash early for the sci-fi shooter game due out this fall.

Why VR Isn't Ready To Take Off Yet, According To EA's CEO

Electronic Arts' CEO, Andrew Wilson, lays out a lot of common sense when it comes to the topic of virtual reality. The sales haven't been that great for VR hardware or software, and the EA veteran takes time out to explain why.

Titanfall 2 Is Offering Something Pretty Sweet If You've Already Played Battlefield 1

We still have a few days to wait before Titanfall 2 finally drops but, in the meantime, we can all ogle a pretty rad little extra players of Battlefield 1 will be able to enjoy once the game finally arrives later this week.

YouTubers Charged With Illegal Gambling In FIFA

Two YouTubers, Craig "Nepenthez" Douglas and Dylan Rigby have been charged for soliciting minors and promoting illegal gambling for EA Sports' FIFA games using the FIFA Ultimate Team packs. The duo were taken to court by the British Gambling Commission.

What The Star Wars Game Developers Have In Common, According To EA

After Disney took control of the Star Wars brand, Electronic Arts managed to snag the license to make exclusive games. They recently explained what it is that their various subsidiaries have in common when it comes to making the games.

I Tried Playing The Sims 4 Without Cheating And Here’s What Happened

Ever since the debut of The Sims back in 2000, cheat codes have been a critical part of surviving in The Sims universe. Without the cheat codes, how would you make so much money? Get a job? But I wanted to see just how hard it would be if I limited myself to playing The Sims 4 without cheat codes, and things didn't turn out so well.

Here's What You Can Expect From This Year's First EA Play

Electronic Arts may not be officially participating in the ESA's E3 booth events at the Los Angeles Convention Center between June 12th and June 14th, but they will be hosting their own event called EA Play between that time in both LA and London.

The EA Access Vault Adds A New Game On The Xbox One

Electronic Arts just added a new game to the Xbox One's ever-growing library of games in the EA Access Vault: Dead Space. The 2008 horror title from Visceral Games is not only part of the free Games With Gold line-up for the month of April on the Xbox 360, but it's now part of EA's Vault.

Star Wars: Battlefront March Update Is Now Out

Electronic Arts and DICE are still rolling out free updates for Star Wars: Battlefront, with the latest update arriving just ahead of the game's first major paid-for DLC expansion, which is set within the confines Jabba's palace in Tatooine. The March update adds new maps to the rotation for various game types.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Gets First Content Update Tomorrow

Electronic Arts and Popcap Games aren't just about throwing out a new game and letting it rot on shelves. They have a nice roadmap laid out for new content they plan on introducing to Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. That all gets started with the new Graveyard Variety Pack that launches on March 8, tomorrow.

Titanfall 2 Release Date Announcement Is Coming, Says GameStop

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts could be gearing up for a big release date reveal of the futuristic mech-shooter, Titanfall 2. That's according to some placeholder boxes currently sitting on the shelves of GameStop at the moment.

New Expansion Pack Coming To Battlefield Hardline Next Month

Electronic Arts and Visceral Games are updating Battlefield Hardline with a brand new expansion called Betrayal. The expansion contains four new maps, seven new weapons, two new vehicles and a new way to customize and play-test weapons on the gun range.

Need For Speed Has A PC Release Date

If you missed out on Electronic Arts and Ghost Games' Need For Speed reboot that came out last fall for the Xbox One and PS4, the publisher wanted to remind PC gamers that the street racing title is set for release on home computers starting March 15.

Classic EA Games Are Heavily Discounted On GOG For A Limited Time

A number of titles published by Electronic Arts are available right now on GOG.com as DRM-free downloads. There are about 42 games that are currently discounted on GOG and they're only gong to be available at up to 60% off for the next eight hours.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Announces A Closed Beta

Companies like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft have been using beta campaigns as a way to lure in gamers to get excited for upcoming titles, and Mirror's Edge Catalyst happens to be one of them. Registration for the closed beta has opened up right now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC gamers. The CBT will take place some time before the game launches on May 24th.

Here's Why EA Won't Be Attending E3 This Year

Electronic Arts has been a consistent staple and presence at E3 for many years on end. Whether we love or hate what they have to show, we can usually count on EA to bring a load of content to the stage each year. Well, this year they won't be attending E3 but they will be dedicating some time to showcasing their goods at the Nokia theater around the same time.

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