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Check Out How Car Customization Works In Need For Speed: Payback

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games are gearing up for the newest Need For Speed release called Need For Speed: Payback. The game will feature a return to form when it comes to customizing cars, and fans of Need For Speed: Underground will be right at home.

The minute and a half trailer was posted up recently over on the official Need For Speed YouTube channel. Given the short length of the trailer, it means that there's a rather speedy approach to covering the game's very in-depth customization system.

The trailer uses the Nissan 350z as the test car for the customization demonstration, and we see that in Need For Speed: Payback things like the hood can be swapped out for an aftermarket look, along with the splitters, fenders, sideskirts and spoilers.

As mentioned in the trailer, the previous Need For Speed only allowed for full bodykit swaps, which limited how players could modify the car and what sort of look could be utilized in the always-on single-player mode or multiplayer mode.

You can not only modify the physical parts of the car, but also the livery and the under-the-hood parts in order to boost the vehicle's performance on the track or when attempting to outrun the cops.

One really interesting thing about it is that EA decided to go back to the card system that was presented in Need For Speed World so many years ago. The MMO racing title had it set up where players who won the race could earn special cards at the end of the race, and the cards ranged from performance upgrades to special cards to help in other modes, like beefing up your tires against police road spikes, or improving the durability of the car from shunts and bumps.

In the case of Need For Speed: Payback, as you win races in the single or multiplayer mode, you'll earn race cards that will allow you to further upgrade and improve your ride. As mentioned in the trailer, the better your position in the race, the better your earnings will be.

Nevertheless, you can also earn standard credits and manually upgrade your car and its performance by visiting tuning shops around the game world. Just like in the Need For Speed Shift series, it's also possible to manually tweak, tune and upgrade your car by simply spending credits on the parts you want.

The trailer also briefly talks about the derelicts that you can acquire from around the game world. The derelicts are cars that you can pick up and upgrade throughout the game by using upgraded parts and materials you can use to turn the derelict into a super car.

Only the derelicts have access to special customization features, so it gives you an incentive to seek them out and turn them into something unique.

Need For Speed: Payback is due for release later this year on November 10th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.