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How To Win Beta Access To Raiders Of The Broken Planet

One of the more interesting games set to come out this year is MercurySteam's Raiders of the Broken Planet. The developers are currently sending out beta keys for eligible gamers, and there's a way to win some beta access to the multiplayer, narrative-focused, online third-person shooter.

Warframe Is About To Answer Its Biggest Mystery

Digital Extremes has been luring gamers along a path of mystery ever since Warframe originally launched back in 2013. The game is the spiritual successor to the third-person action shooter, Dark Sector. One of the game's biggest mysteries in Warframe – carried over from the 2008 shooter – has been what are the Tenno and what are the Warframes?

Warframe Adds Free Emotes Following Destiny's New Paid Emotes

After gamers became incensed with them, Bungie dropped the price of the new Destiny content to a $20 upgrade pack. Well, Digital Extremes did one better by releasing brand new emotes in Warframe... for free.

Warframe Update Opens The Doors To Sanctuary

The latest Warframe update is ready to roll for the PlayStation 4, bringing with it the usual assortment of new cosmetic items, a new playable Warframe, new game modes, as well as a new cooperative preparation/hunting space called the Sanctuary.

Warframe Launches 'Stolen Dreams' Update

Get ready, ninjas, because the latest update for Warframe is now ready to roll. Gear up for some “Stolen Dreams,” complete with new missions, weapons and more.

Warframe Archwing Update Introduces Space Battles

Big changes are coming in the PlayStation 4 version of Warframe today, with the Archwing update adding loads of new content and freaking space battles to the free-to-play third-person action game’s already impressive resume.

Warframe Dev Acquired By Perfect World, Sumpo Food Holdings

There have been some strong rumors running around that Digital Extremes, the developers of the extremely popular free-to-play action title Warframe, was being eyed by Perfect World Entertainment and food company Sumpo Food Holdings.

Warframe PS4 Update Includes Revamped Tutorial, UI, Pets And More

Alright, ninjas, get ready for what is potentially the largest update to ever come to Warframe since it launched on the PlayStation 4 last year, as the team at Digital Extremes introduces Update 14: The Mad Cephalon.

Warframe Gamers Propose A Strike In Wake Of PWE Acquisition

Things may or may not go well for Digital Extremes and Perfect World Entertainment now that gamers are mobilizing to setup a “play strike”.

Warframe PS4 Update Includes Loads Of New Content And Enhanced Melee

The PlayStation 4 version of Warframe is about to add yet another playable character to the mix, alongside a whole bunch of tweaks and additions to this third-person free-to-play action game.

Warframe Updates On PS4 With New Character, Customizable Controls, Trophies

Warframe on the PlayStation 4 is about to kick the ninja badassary up a notch or two as the team at Digital Extremes announces a handful of updates for the console port.

Warframe Rated For Xbox One

Xbox One gamers may have a new free-to-play game soon. The European ratings board PEGI is now listing the co-op action game Warframe for XB1.

Best Games Of 2013: Will's Doritos-Free Game Picks

You won't find games like that or Remember Me, which I forgot about – or the typical AAA titles on this list. I'm not going full hipster on you but given the crappy selection of 2013's offerings I settled for a bunch of games that never would have made it on a “Best of” list had this been any other year.

Warframe Brings The Rage With Valkyr Update For PC

Now that Warframe is up and running on a new platform, namely the PlayStation 4, the folks over at Digital Extremes can go full steam ahead on kicking out the new content for their third-person action game. Over on the PC front, the latest expansion, Valkyr, has been unleashed.

Warframe PS4 Launch Trailer Is An Awesome Cinematic Beast

Oh holy snaps this launch trailer is freaking awesome. Digital Extremes really knows how to get the crowd amped up. The best part about it is that despite the trailer using cinematic camera angles, EVERYTHING you see in the trailer is basically a direct showcase of the actual gameplay.

Warframe PS4 Prophet Trailer Brings Story And Intrigue To The Table

The free-to-play space-ninja game that took the gaming arena by storm last year on PC will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 next week on Friday. It will be one of the launch titles for the system and will still be completely free-to-play (you don't even need PS Plus to download and start playing). To help promote the game, Digital Extremes released a new story trailer called “The Prophet” for the PS4 version of the title.

Warframe Updates With Shadows Of The Dead Content

After six months in open beta and primed to serve as one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 4, Warframe is celebrating its first half year on the market with a brand new update, offering new playable characters, missions and more.

Warframe, Divekick Confirmed For Day One On PlayStation 4

It looks like a couple more games will be diving, kicking, shooting and stabbing their way onto the PlayStation 4 launch lineup as both Divekick and Warframe have been announced as day one offerings via PlayStation Network once the new console drops on Nov. 15.

Why Is Warframe So Badass? Here's Why...

Digital Extremes crafted an amazing free-to-play, third-person hybrid action-shooter in Warframe. Technically the game is just a more polished up version of their 2008 outing Dark Sector, but the “polish” has turned the game into something for the ages, making it one of the most badass free-to-play games on the market right now.

Warframe Being Considered For Release On Xbox One

Slated as a launch title for the PlayStation 4, Warframe from Digital Extremes fits into the indie game category, despite being more polished, more fun and having better mechanics and visuals than a lot of AAA titles out there. With Microsoft having recently reversed their policies for indies to self-publish on the Xbox One, Digital Extremes says that Warframe could potentially arrive for the XB1.

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