So you're finally ready to dive into Warframe. Great! But before you rush off to become a space ninja, we have a few tips to offer that should make those first dozen hours a bit less overwhelming.

Following the reveal of some impressive-looking future updates and the announcement that Warframe is coming to the Nintendo Switch, interest in the free-to-play action game has skyrocketed. And while the opening chapters serve as a decent gameplay tutorial, Warframe is packed with systems that are notoriously obtuse. There are a lot of interconnecting parts at play here, which can be very overwhelming for a new player.

The purpose of this guide is to make those opening hours a bit more user friendly because, once you get rolling, there's a lot of fun to be had in this bombastic run-and-gun adventure.

Follow the breadcrumbs

There are two important things to keep in mind when you first begin playing Warframe: It's kind of an MMO and it's also a free-to-play game. The thing both of those genres have in common is that they are typically filled with oodles of systems meant to keep the player coming back for more. The good news is that Warframe is an example of free-to-play done right, with the vast majority of in-game items available simply by grinding through missions. Still, we're looking at systems stacked on systems stacked on systems, which can make your head spin if you try to grasp everything at once.

Instead of trying to take everything in at once, do your best to build a sort of tunnel vision when you first start playing. You'll constantly be asking things like "what is that resource for," "what item did I just pick up" or "where do I get a cooler gun." You'll get those answers, but they're frequently inconsequential in the opening hours of play.

Instead, we recommend picking your starting Warframe and gear and just dive into missions. If you keep your head down and simply follow the introductory story, you'll be led naturally from one objective to the next. This will allow you to focus on the mechanics and get better at playing the game. We also recommend you play solo for these opening hours. The missions are seldom overwhelming and, that way, you won't be dealing with the added stress of "weighing your team down as a total noob."

The further you go, the more systems will be naturally revealed to you. Again, we recommend only giving them a cursory glance until you feel like you've got a decent understanding of how the core mechanics work.

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