Baymax! Star Shares Thoughts On How His Big Hero 6 Character Would Fare In The MCU And The Hero He Could Hang Out With

At this point, it’s clear that Baymax has solidified himself as one of Disney’s most beloved characters. The inflatable healthcare assistant, who was introduced in 2014’s Big Hero 6, endeared himself to audiences through his quirky tendencies and devotion to helping those in need. Of course, in addition to his services as a medical aid, he also suits up as a member of the titular superhero team. The animated TV sequel series showed the robot going up against some serious threats, and that fact (in addition to his roots in Marvel Comics) could make you wonder how he’d fare in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His voice actor, Scott Adsit, has given this some thought, and he even knows which MCU vet he’d love to see the hero spend time with. 

The MCU is filled with some interesting individuals, ranging from the skilled sorcerer Doctor Strange to the powerful cosmic heroine Captain Marvel. Scott Adsit is a longtime fan of comic books and well-versed in the finer details of the expansive franchise. That’s why during the junket for the new TV series Baymax!, I couldn’t help but ask him about the idea of his Big Hero 6 character joining the fold. When it came to which character he most wants the inflatable hero to hang out, Adsit name-dropped a certain android: 

Well, I don't want to see him go up against Wolverine, because that would be over very quickly, I think. But I think I would like to see him on… like, in a battle situation with others. Like I think maybe the Vision would be fun because they're both robots. I think Vision, at this point, is all-white just like Baymax, so it might be fun to see those two trying to out robot each other.

Vision and Baymax could absolutely be great allies. Both are kind, cerebral, and sometimes brutally honest but, at the end of the day, both simply want to make a difference. Of course, as the actor mentioned, Wanda Maximoff’s beau is looking a bit different these days. The OG version of the character is gone, and there’s a new (white) version of the former Avenger flying around in his place. He may not be the android fans once knew, but I’d still prefer him as a BFF for the San Fransokyo-based bot over the sharp-clawed Wolverine.

When it comes to the delightful hero’s theoretical presence in the MCU, one also has to wonder how he’d perform in a massive battle. I mean, it’s hard not to think about what the Big Hero 6 member would have done during a situation like Avengers: Endgame’s climactic battle. Scott Adsit went on to paint a pretty good picture of how his robotic healthcare unit would act during a serious brawl, and it’s just too perfect:

I think the funnest aspect for me would be to have him enter the battle as a combatant, and then you know, within a minute, he's just administering medical aid to everybody, including the enemy. That would be fun if he's just running around the battlefield, helping and propping and splinting and staunching. I think that'd be great.

Can someone please call up Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige, because I wouldn’t mind seeing this play out in a live-action production. The chances of the mega company integrating Big Hero 6 into the MCU are very slim, however. This is mostly due to just how frequently (and how well) they’re being used by Disney Animation.

It’s fun to think about what might happen if Baymax (and his cohorts) did enter the fray, though. Also, if it happens, the multi-talented Scott Adsit must return to voice the team’s biggest character. He’s incredibly funny and can take any kind of “weird” direction that’s thrown his way. Here’s hoping a version – or variant – of the mechanical superhero pops up in the MCU someday. 

Those eager for more of the character can stream Baymax! with the use of a Disney+ subscription. You can also find Big Hero 6 and other underrated movies on the streamer alongside the Marvel movies.

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