Marina Sirtis Confirms Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Role Isn’t The ‘Same Old Troi'

Deanna Troi in Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+
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Star Trek: Picard Season 3 is something that Trek fans seem to be very excited about, especially those who've watched The Next Generation. Fans have already seen glimpses of the classic TNG cast in action but, despite exciting trailers and news of unexpected appearances from classic villains, many are still pining for more details on the upcoming season. Well, while speaking with CinemaBlend, Marina Sirtis might’ve confirmed some of the wishes viewers had for Deanna Troi, as she promised that these upcoming episodes don’t just show the “same old Troi.” 

Deanna Troi is as beloved as any character on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but it’s no secret that some felt she was underutilized in the acclaimed series. I spoke to Marina Sirtis ahead of the release of her upcoming movie Control, which hits on-demand services on Thursday, December 1. During the chat, we also discussed whether or not Troi fans can expect more for the character in her latest appearance. When talking Picard Season 3, the actress said the following:

Yes. I can’t give too much away because, you know, I’ve signed so many NDA’s I feel like one of the Trump mistresses at the moment. But, yes, there is a development. I can say that. There is a development, it’s not same old, same old Troi. Not that there was anything wrong with Troi in my opinion! It’s 30 years on, geez, one would hope, right? We’re not doing cookie-cutter stuff.

Of course, Marina Sirtis couldn't really share any specific details about what’s going on with Deanna Troi on Star Trek: Picard Season 3, but she did give us just enough to confirm that we’re going to see a different side of her character. That’s certainly exciting to hear, considering fans didn’t get a ton of time with her in Picard Season 1 when she returned alongside Riker. The third season will apparently bring about a new “development” for her, though we can only speculate as to what that means. 

One interesting thing to note after this latest quote from the actress is that Deanna doesn’t have a lot of screen time in the latest trailer. There is a brief shot of her staring at something and looking shocked, but it’s impossible to say what’s going on. Though you could possibly interpret that as a sign that Troi has a significant and secret role in the story -- and that revealing more than that could lead to spoilers. 

Obviously, this "development" teased by Sirtis is one the show wants to play close to the vest unlike some other Picard nuggets we’ve learned. So we’ll just have to wait and see what’s happening with Troi and whether this season is the fitting send-off have fans wanted for the TNG crew.  

Until then, Star Trek fans can check out Marina Sirtis in the upcoming movie Control, which follows a USSR-raised man named Andrei who's struggling in America’s great recession in the late 2000s. Sirtis plays Andrei’s mother and in doing so, puts her masterful work with accents to good use.

Of course, anyone with a Paramount+ subscription can also catch the actress as Deanna Troi when Star Trek: Picard Season 3 premieres on Paramount+ (opens in new tab) on Thursday, February 16th. With the new year right around the corner, now is as good of a time as any to keep an eye out for the upcoming Trek shows that are slated for the calendar year!

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