More John LaMarr On The Orville? Actor J. Lee Sends A Message To Fans

John LaMarr on The Orville
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The Orville: New Horizons is on a roll lately, with episode after episode delivering exciting developments for its characters and some heavy storylines that’ll stick with the fans for a long time. New characters like Charly Burke are making waves on the ship, while others, like Gordon, are going on life-altering adventures. Fans might wonder why more isn’t happening with others like John LaMarr, and actor J. Lee has something to say to that crowd. 

I had a wonderful conversation with J. Lee recently about The Orville, and I inquired about when we might see an episode that’s a little heavier on LaMarr’s story. After all, he has some big things going on with his promotion and even a little something happening with Talla. I asked Lee about what he had to say to viewers wanting to see more of LaMarr, and the actor shared the following:

Just keep tweeting about it, maybe it’ll pop up. But also, we got eight main characters on this show, so it’s more about what works for the show. I think as an actor, J. Lee, as well as John, you do your part. If it’s a John solo episode, hopefully, that comes in the future. It might be this season, it might be next season if we keep enough energy going. For the meantime, John is happy to do what he needs to do.

J. Lee wasn’t too willing to mention whether or not John had a heavy storyline coming up in Season 3, but The Orville’s cast and crew are very apprehensive about revealing spoilers for the current season in general. Lee also mentioned the possibility of more John-heavy episodes in Season 4, and like other members of the cast stated in previous interviews, indicated the potential season has a chance if fans keep the “energy” going. Presumably that means fans need to keep tuning in for new episodes and talking about the show online. 

The Orville: New Horizons has kept John LaMarr around for most of the season, but his stories haven’t had as much meat as others. J. Lee admitted he’s happy to hear there are fans who want to see more of LaMarr, and he’d be up for it as well: 

He’s taking his job seriously in engineering, but you know, there could be some more stuff for John, you know? As long as people want it. I’d appreciate that. You’d rather have that than, like, too much of [John], right?

As previously mentioned, The Orville opened up a new subplot for John recently when he got hot and heavy with Talla, but things are still new between them. There definitely is more room for that relationship to develop though, so there’s hope that future episodes might given them more screentime to explore that dynamic. I’d certainly love to see them become the next it couple of the show, especially after the recent separation of Bortus and Klyden

It’s still too soon to say whether or not Season 4 will happen and give the show more territory to continue its serious storytelling and flesh out characters like John LaMarr. Fans can hope in the meantime that Seth MacFarlane can work it into his potential plans for future seasons. 

Sci-fi fans can use their Hulu subscriptions to stream The Orville: New Horizons all they want. In fact, that might be beneficial to do as the show’s fate hangs in the balance and people wait for news on renewal or cancellation. 

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