Star Trek: Picard’s Todd Stashwick On Seven Of Nine Being In Shaw's Crew Despite History With The Borg

Star Trek: Picard finally got into the meat of why Captain Liam Shaw has been standoffish ever since Picard and Riker arrived on board. Shaw was one of his former ship's few survivors during the Battle of Wolf 359, which explained his animosity toward Picard but made the fact that Seven of Nine is his second in command very confusing. Fortunately, Todd Stashwick has some thoughts on this dynamic and made a compelling case for why he'd want Seven of Nine on the Titan.  

I had the opportunity to speak to Todd Stashwick about Star Trek: Picard and get some of the details on the headspace and mindset of Captain Liam Shaw. I asked why Shaw works with Seven, given his traumatic experience tied to the devastating Wolf 359 attack led by Locutus of Borg, and got quite a compelling answer from him: 

I think subconsciously, there’s some immersion therapy going on. He wants to heal from these wounds. I think, on some level, getting control of his fear and things that worry him. And, maybe overcontrolling. Maybe there’s something about him [being] superior officer to a former Borg that helps his healing process.

Todd Stashwick gave Star Trek: Picard viewers his perspective, and a lot to think about. Is it possible that his professional relationship with Seven is a forced attempt to combat or heal from his natural bias toward reformed Borg? If so, he still has some work to do as he clearly hasn't been able to fully forgive Jean-Luc for all the misdeeds he performed as Locutus

Seven and Shaw couldn't be more different in their approach to situations, which is another reason Todd Stashwick suggested she's on his character's ship. Shaw may not be the most friendly person in Starfleet, but he's definitely someone who is open to other ways of thinking and challenges to his ideas: 

He also recognizes she is really good at what she does. She may be impulsive and reckless, but he needs that dissenting voice on the bridge.

Captain Shaw may still have some unresolved trauma from Wolf 359 and has been disrespectful to both Picard and Seven as a result, but there are signs that show he's trying to be better. After all, he did defy Vadic's request to surrender Jack Crusher once he learned he was Picard's son, so hopefully, we'll see progress in his relationship with Seven. It certainly wasn't great he's insisted on calling her Annika to this point, despite her wishes to retain her Borg name. 

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 has the characters fighting another prominent enemy of Starfleet: Changelings. Shaw will need to fully let go of his Borg bias if he wants to collaborate with some of the best minds on the ship, but will he be able to do that? While Todd Stashwick's thoughts have me optimistic Shaw will change, who knows? 

After all, with Changelings in the mix, it's possible that even the most unsuspecting characters might have been Changelings all along. I'm personally hoping that's not the case, however, as I'd love a Paramount+ (opens in new tab) spinoff series featuring Todd Stashwick's Liam Shaw, amongst other new characters, when this is all over. 

If you have a Paramount+ subscription, check out new episodes of Star Trek: Picard Season 3 on Thursdays. Now is the perfect time to subscribe, especially with a new year full of upcoming Trek shows to enjoy. 

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