Star Trek: Picard’s Ed Speleers Praises His ‘Brother’ Wil Wheaton After Jack Crusher Reveal

Star Trek: Picard dropped a pretty big reveal about Ed Speleers' Jack Crusher in Episode 2 and confirmed the twist that was teased in the Season 3 premiere. Jack Crusher is the love child of Beverly Crusher and Jean-Luc Picard, which makes him the half-brother of Wil Wheaton's Wesley Crusher. CinemaBlend asked Speleers about his "brother," and the actor had nothing but praise for Wheaton. 

I had a chance to speak to Ed Speleers recently and was curious if he talked to Wil Wheaton after taking the role of Jack Crusher. The Star Trek: Picard actor confirmed that he and Wheaton had a chance to talk after his casting, and praised the actor as "Mr. Star Trek." Speleers said:

He’s pretty happy about the situation…we had a very good chat. That guy knows Star Trek inside out, back to front. He is Mr. Star Trek in a way, isn’t he? What a lovely, lovely human.

Ed Speleers confirmed that Wil Wheaton was excited about the news that Wesley has a brother, even if they allegedly won't meet in Star Trek: Picard Season 3. Wheaton confirmed after returning as Wesley in Season 2 that he wouldn't be a part of the final season, and now it seems like that happened because the season wanted to focus on another child of Beverly Crusher. 

Wil Wheaton isn't bitter about that, as far as Ed Speleers can tell. The actor told me that they've already discussed the idea of sharing a scene together, and it sounds like both are on board to make it happen:

We joked about the idea of the two of them having a scene together one day, which could be pretty fun.

Who wouldn't love to see Traveler Wesley Crusher rub shoulders with Jack Crusher? Between Wesley's supernatural powers and Jack Crusher being the son of one of Starfleet's finest officers, there's not a force in the world that could stand against them. Hell, they could probably take on the Borg and Romulans at the same time. 

In all seriousness, I'm on board with the idea of more adventures featuring Wil Wheaton and Ed Speleers' characters, though there's a question of how it could happen. Star Trek: Picard is ending, and there are already a couple of shows in development waiting to take its place on a packed schedule of upcoming Trek shows. Sure, it's possible that they could pop up together on Lower Decks or Prodigy for a one-off adventure, but I think fans might want more than something akin to Wesley's return scene in Picard

It's all speculation for now, but thankfully, Ed Speleers has already put it out in the universe that he wants to return for future spinoffs, and Wil Wheaton's re-introduction as Wesley may make him fair game for future appearances. Now it's on the powers that be to make something happen and give fans the brother duo spinoff they never knew they wanted before. Just imagine these two in their own show, and what they could accomplish if they crossed paths!

Star Trek: Picard streams new episodes for those with a Paramount+ subscription on Thursdays. Tune in to see what might be the final adventure for the TNG crew and a fitting sendoff for some of the franchise's best characters. 

Mick Joest
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