The Hawkeye Action Sequence That Jeremy Renner Says Has A ‘Disney Ride Feeling’

Spoilers for Hawkeye’s first two episodes lie ahead, so read at your own risk.

Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye has finally arrived, and the show’s two-episode premiere kicked things off with a bang. Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop are already proving to be a heroic dream team, and the series has only scratched the surface with their dynamic at this point. From what the trailers and TV spots have revealed, the two archers are in for a wild adventure that’s filled with danger and laughs. One might say it somewhat feels like riding an attraction at a Disney theme park. This would match up with Renner’s sentiments on one particular action sequence from the show.

These initial installments delivered a number of awesome moments, from the bombastic prologue set during the Battle of New York to Kate’s tussle with the Tracksuit Mafia at the underground auction. There’s also that elaborate dance sequence for the fictional Rogers: The Musical. Another major sequence that’s only been glimpsed through promos at this point is a car chase that shows the titular heroes being pursued by the aforementioned villains. CinemaBlend’s own Sean O’Connell got the chance to speak with both Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld, during which the former discussed how it felt to film the unique chase:

Yeah, that’s not a typical way to shoot a car chase sequence, as a one-r. You know, as a one-shot, where the camera’s… Everybody else is doing the work, and the camera’s just kind of sitting there. So it was a[n] interesting ride, like Disney ride-like feeling shooting it. And you’ve got someone driving our car, but… I don’t know it’s weird to have us be so free and still do the scene and act in it and be in it while still watching what the audience is watching, for the most part.

With the various moves that the camera’s doing amid the scene, one can definitely get the feel that they’re riding on or witnessing an elaborate theme park attraction. The moment also apparently elicited the same kind of feelings that are associated with rides. The actor continued to explain that he and his co-star were really able to enjoy themselves while working on the car chase:

You know, it was really, really, really fascinating. Never works out like that, but there’s a lot of preparation. Not on our part. We just realize we had to sit in the car and go on a ride. We keep forgetting we have lines and stuff. There’s a scene we’re supposed to do. Because it was really… we were pretty gleeful, is pretty pure joy. That was a pretty wonderful experience.

Audiences don’t currently know when exactly they’ll be able to see the sequence in its entirety, though there’s a firm chance it could come in the third episode. The second installment ended with the pair of heroes being captured by the New York-based mafia and awaiting the arrival of Alaqua Cox’s Echo. The next episode could see the two make their escape, which leads to them being pursued by the criminals.

But regardless of when viewers actually see it, they should be excited knowing that it’s indeed coming at some point during the six-episode show. And hopefully, it’s only one of many more amazing moments fans will see before the series reaches its conclusion.

Hawkeye drops new episodes on Disney+ every Wednesday.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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