Hawkeye Dropped Its First Episodes, But Fans Can’t Get Over An Upcoming Detail From The Disney+ Show

Warning: SPOILERS for Hawkeye are ahead!

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, families have no shortage of things to watch with one another if they’re not enjoying good food or already preparing for Black Friday. For the Marvel enthusiasts out there, the first two episodes of Hawkeye dropped on Disney+, featuring the return of Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton and the debut of Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop. There are four more episodes to look forward in this latest visit to the MCU, and there’s a detail that’s been revealed from one of them that’s driving fans into a frenzy: Clint holding a “Thanos was right” mug.

To provide some context for the people reading this who either haven’t seen the first two Hawkeye episodes yet or simply need a refresher already, while seeing Rogers: The Musical with his children, Clint Barton went to the bathroom, and he noticed that “Thanos was right” was written on his urinal. Well, evidently this phrase has caught on, as a Kate Bishop-centric Hawkeye featurette shows Clint holding a mug with those exact words in one of the show’s yet-to-air episodes. Take a look for yourself below, along with the accompanying amusing reaction.

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To be fair, following Kate Bishop’s apartment being torched by the Tracksuit Mafia, she and Clint Barton shifted their home base to Kate’s aunt’s apartment since she’s vacationing for the holidays. So we should be concerned about why her aunt has this mug, and more importantly, how many people agree with this sentiment. Still, as a simple visual gag, Hawkeye fans are loving this mug.

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Some love this mug so much that they’re willing to buy one for themselves. Let’s hope for their sakes that the people in charge of Marvel merchandise are listening.

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Others are noting that while the mug in Hawkeye is a fun wink for the MCU fans, within the actual MCU reality, saying “Thanos was right” would be in bad taste given that The Mad Titan… you know, wiped out half of the universe’s population

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Overall though, it looks like the “Thanos was right” mug is a winner, so I wonder if there’s a chance we could see it in another MCU project down the line, or at least another piece of merchandise boasting the quote. I’d be remiss if I also didn’t point out the irony of Clint Barton drinking from that mug considering his wife and children were among those turned to dust by Thanos, which is what led him to becoming the sword-wielding vigilante known as Ronin and is now causing him a lot of problems in Hawkeye. It’s a whole thing.

New episodes of Hawkeye premiere Wednesdays on Disney+. You’re also welcome to look through our upcoming Marvel TV shows guide to learn what other small screen offerings the MCU has lined up for the Mouse House’s streaming service.

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