How Hailee Steinfeld’s Hawkeye Preparation Honored The Character Of Kate Bishop

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Over this past year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done an excellent job of marrying its film and television productions. In some case, Marvel Studios' TV shows have introduced fans to the future stars of the MCU, and the upcoming Hawkeye is no exception. While Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton will finally get his due, viewers will also get the chance to see Hailee Steinfeld bring Kate Bishop to life. For Steinfeld, taking the role wasn’t just about joining the superhero franchise, though. She also wanted to honor the beloved archer’s skills through preparation.

Playing such a popular character comes with a fair share of pressure. Bishop has been a fan-favorite since her comic book introduction in 2005. So the actress understood the assignment of making her version as accurate as possible. For Steinfeld, that meant making sure her archery skills were top-notch to embody the role. The Oscar nominee explained to Empire what she did to appear as natural as the beloved Marvel character:

My archery is now quite good. Kate is self-taught and it was important to me to take it on myself, to be there by the time we started shooting.

Kate Bishop’s MCU debut couldn’t flounder, and Hailee Steinfeld wanted to make sure that didn’t happen. Given her acting prowess, it makes sense that she'd commit so hard to the role. And this actually isn’t the first time Steinfeld’s archery skills have come up, either. Because of Kate Bishop’s skillset, the actress needs to appear as natural as possible to make her portrayal believable. You have to give the star her props for taking up the activity, and one would imagine that she'll seek to sharpen her skills as her tenure in the massive superhero franchise goes on.

For the actress, there was also more to the young heroine than her skills with a bow. Additionally, Bishop grew up idolizing Clint Barton, and the actress wanted that to come through in her take. So it would seem that the Dickinson star really wanted that unlikely father/daughter relationship to shine through here. And that, in turn, seemed to translate to her and Jeremy Renner’s off-screen relationship. All in all, the actress seems to have had a great experience, as she's opened about her excitement all while showing off some set photos prove her dedication.

Based on what we've heard from her, Hailee Steinfeld is bound to give Kate Bishop the MCU introduction worthy of such a famous character. Steinfeld doesn't seem to have wavered in portraying the character to the best of her abilities. So, hopefully, her enthusiasm for the beloved Young Avenger will translate to her highly anticipated introduction.

Viewers can finally see what the star was able to bring to the table when Hawkeye makes its Disney+ debut on November 24. Those who are fans of the young actress can also look forward to the other projects she has coming down the pipeline.

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