Will The CW's Gotham Knights Include Superpowers? Here's What The Showrunners Told Us

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Gotham Knights is coming to The CW as its newest superhero series, joining the ranks of Superman & Lois and The Flash. The end is nigh for The Flash as the last show of the Arrowverse, though, which means a drop in the number of superpowered superheroes on The CW. So, will Gotham Knights include superpowers in the stories of Turner Hayes, his friends, and his enemies? Co-showrunners Chad Fiveash and James Stoteraux weighed in!

As any Batman fan knows well, Gotham City is traditionally the home of the Dark Knight who fights crime with skills and technology instead superpowers. In Gotham Knights, however, Batman is dead and survived by adopted son Turner Hayes, who will find himself in the mix with some very unexpected characters. 

The show is obviously making changes from the DC Comics source material, including by adapting some characters from page to screen and introducing some original characters. The showrunners spoke with CinemaBlend at SCAD TVfest in Atlanta about whether or not superpowers have a place in this version of Gotham City, with James Stoteraux saying:

Our Gotham is the real world, but there is a heightened element to it.

Although both Stoteraux and Chad Fiveash worked on Fox’s Gotham as a prequel story to when Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, The CW's Gotham Knights starting out with a “heightened element” suggests that this will be a different kind of show with “Gotham” in the title. Both showrunners also worked on The CW’s Batwoman prior to its cancellation, so they definitely have experience in telling stories in Gotham City that don’t require Batman or Bruce Wayne. Fiveash elaborated on what Stoteraux previewed, saying: 

Here's the thing: we haven't ruled out anything. And I know that's like, 'Oh, way to go, safe answer!' but in Season 1 of Gotham Knights, audiences will see some heightened elements that are very much not your everyday normal thing. They'll see that in Season 1. Beyond that…

While the showrunners of course weren’t going to drop all the spoilers for their new series ahead of time, it seems safe to say that Bruce Wayne’s adopted son – who is not Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, or Tim Drake – isn’t going to be showing off any super speed or or super strength, like Barry over on The Flash and Clark over on Superman & Lois.

Of course, Arrow started out on The CW without any superpowers, and that went on to launch several other superhero shows and run for eight seasons. A similar recipe for success could well work for Gotham Knights! James Stoteraux continued to explain their approach to heightened elements in the new show:

We very much wanted to start with making it not overwhelming. We will introduce some things. It is very grounded and sort of explained in a grounded way, but then it's a little more heightened. Because I think you want that! You don't want just everyday boring Gotham.

Based on the trailer, it’s safe to say that Gotham Knights isn’t going to be uneventful, powers or not! Plus, with Misha Collins on board as Harvey Dent (and the rest of the cast singing the Supernatural alum’s praises), there’s a very familiar face for longtime CW viewers. As for whether or not superpowers will ever have a place in this version of Gotham City… well, both showrunners had the same piece of advice:

Stay tuned and find out!

Fortunately for superhero fans who have been waiting to see Gotham Knights since it was first announced back in 2021, that wait is almost over. The new show will debut on Tuesday, March 14 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW in the 2023 TV premiere schedule, following the Season 3 premiere of Superman & Lois

Viewers shouldn’t count on seeing Jensen Ackles joining for a Supernatural reunion with former co-star Misha Collins, although Collins did reveal that the show originally wanted Ackles to play Batman if schedules had worked out. Horror legend Doug Bradley is confirmed to be on the way, though, so – as the showrunners said – fans should “stay tuned and find out” what’s on the way.

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