After Disney Announces New Living Communities, The Internet Won't Stop Roasting Disney Adults

Disney World has always been a place driven by big dreams. With magical scenery and attractions and a constantly growing brand, it’s become a hub for countless fans, who spend a lot of time and money at its theme parks and resorts. Now, the company is harnessing that fandom by building living communities designed for them – and the announcement seems to have given the internet an excuse to roast the Disney adults who will eventually populate the new neighborhoods. 

Imagine a living community that blends modern living with Disney’s world-famous customer service. That’s the premise behind Storyliving and, based on the promotional video shared on Disney Parks’ Twitter account, it looks like it could be a magical experience: 

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It seems pretty likely that an elaborate community like this is an expensive endeavor – both for Disney and for anyone who chooses to reside there. So it’s no surprise that some Twitter users focused on the cost of the project. One made a pretty on-brand joke about what life in Storyliving will look like: 

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I guess a passive aggressive t-shirt is still a little bit nicer than some of the signs on display at the last Disney World marathon. While much of the response to the announcement was to take the mickey out of the House of Mouse itself, some couldn’t help but take the opportunity to poke fun at anyone who might consider living in the new planned community. One Twitter user admitted that the idea seemed more like a nightmare than a fairy tale come true: 

imagine a NEIGHBORHOOD of disney adults… oh god

Many of the people roasting the adults on Twitter seemed similarly horrified. But others had a unique perspective on the new Storyliving community. One Twitter user used the power of memes to explain how they were feeling about the news: 

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And another Twitter user made a case for why it’s a smart move. In their opinion:

Isolating weird Disney adults from the rest of society is the best idea they’ve ever had

Well, we know Walt Disney would have agreed with that. Disney Parks has a long history of trying to create planned living communities. Epcot was originally envisioned as a fully functioning city of the future – though we now know that most likely, Disney’s plan wouldn't have worked.

It remains to be seen whether Storyliving will be a success – but at least a few adult Disney fans are already wishing the parks’ team had invested in other projects instead: 

Can you just finish TRON and the EPCOT overhaul first? I’d rather have that Mary Poppins dark ride.

While we’re all waiting for more progress on the TRON roller coaster front, there is some hope on the horizon for fans of all ages. There are tons of upcoming Disney World attractions planned for 2022 – and none of them require you to take out a mortgage to participate. 

Katherine Webb