Alexandra Daddario Shares Her Thoughts On Intimacy Coordinators And How She Thinks The Industry Has Changed Since Her Start In Percy Jackson

Alexandra Daddario has been a familiar face in movies since her breakthrough performance in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. She has since starred in projects like Baywatch, True Detective, and The White Lotus, the latter of which earned her an Emmy nomination. The actress has seen Hollywood change a lot over the last 13 years and now the San Andreas star is sharing how she feels about the introduction of intimacy coordinators on set, along with other changes to productions. 

Daddario recently opened up about her career and her own success working within the entertainment industry for over a decade. The actress notably mentions how different on-set etiquette is from when she started in Hollywood, and specifically mentioned the role of intimacy coordinators when working on more sensitive scenes during filming. Daddario offered her perspective on the matter, telling InStyle:

While some people might say that it went from zero to 60 really quickly, I think it was such a long time coming that these things had to happen. And even if some people feel like it's sort of an overcorrection, I think it's much better than not doing anything about it. I love having intimacy coordinators and people paying attention to these types of things. And I love seeing more women in front and behind the camera.

Ever since “MeToo” and other female-centered movements in the industry, there’s been more of an awareness about the importance of having diverse personnel on film sets. In particular, there has been a push for more women to be offered roles behind the camera and in turn, more of a focus on female-driven stories. This is a major shift from what Daddario first experienced when she started acting in films, as The Layover star detailed: 

Look, it shouldn't be a touchy subject, but when I started out, I wasn't meeting with female directors. It was all men that you met with.

Alexandra Daddario herself has worked with more female directors in the latter half of her career including on episodes of The Girlfriend Experience and Mayfair Witches, as well as on the film 1 Night in San Diego. Having a feminine perspective behind the camera can change the interpretation of the script, and it’s nice to hear Daddario takes that into account when selecting her projects.

The actress lately has been looking back at her early career as she moves into a new phase of projects on her plate. She has been candid about the negative effects participating in the Baywatch movie had on the roles she was offered, and her career stalling before being cast in The White Lotus. Daddario thankfully has come out of the slump on top, and is now starring in Mayfair Witches, a series based on the work of Anne Rice. This isn’t the first time Daddario has felt the pressure from book fans to get the on-screen adaptation right, and I’m sure the actress will nail it this time. 

How To Watch Mayfair Witches

Starring: Alexandra Daddario, Tongayi Chirisa, Jack Huston, Harry Hamlin.

New Episodes: Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET

How To Watch: AMC, AMC+, Amazon Prime Video

You can catch Alexandra Daddario in Mayfair Witches on AMC, or Amazon Prime subscribers can get a sneak peak on the series by streaming the first episode for free on the platform. Additionally, make sure to check out our feature on other ways to watch Daddario’s new bewitching AMC series. For more information on other series coming to television and streaming in the near future, make sure to consult our 2023 winter TV premiere schedule. 

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