Alicia Silverstone Recalls Her Son’s Surprising Reaction After Seeing Clueless For The First Time

Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz in Clueless, classroom monologue
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The ’90s sleeper hit Clueless carries a timeless legacy that people of any generation can watch. The plaid clothes, the “totally buggin’” slang, the music, and Alicia Silverstone. This was a movie that clearly defined her career that was a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma that raises the question of whether you are doing good for others or for yourself. Someone who actually saw the film for the first time as a five-year-old boy was Alicia Silverstone’s son Bear, who had a surprising reaction after his first viewing of his mother’s movie.

Alicia Silverstone will always be remembered for playing Cher Horowitz as the most popular girl at her Beverly Hills high school trying to help others, but not in the smartest way. The iconic ‘90s actress made an appearance at the movie premiere of Senior Year where she told Entertainment Tonight about the first time her son saw her movie Clueless. 

He saw Clueless when he was five, because it was on at the Hollywood [Forever] Cemetery. ... Four thousand people came to see and I couldn’t pass that experience up, of watching it under the stars, pillows on the ground with rosé.

Would you consider this a "clueless" moment? Maybe introducing a five-year-old to a PG-13 movie that features sexual innuendos and drugs is not a traditional parenting strategy. But then again, he was five at the time so who knows how much of the film Bear remembers? If they ever decide to plan a Clueless sequel, her son by that time will probably be at the appropriate age to see it.

The Batman & Robin actress has always had an interesting relationship with her son. Everyone remembers the time Alicia Silverstone got attention for chewing her son’s baby food and transferring it to his mouth with a kiss as birds do. Alicia Silverstone shared more about what her son’s reaction was the first time he saw Clueless.

He was so young and it's not appropriate, I think, for a 5-year-old to watch that movie... it’s all about sex and stuff, so I just realized, 'Oops.' But, at the time... he loved it, but what he really picked up [on is] he tried to kiss me, like, passionate kisses, because that’s what he saw in the movie.

Apparently, this is what happens when you see a steamy kiss between Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd. You cannot help but want the same thing. Well, maybe Bear will be the “Josh” for someone else in his life. The 45-year-old actress seemingly cannot find it in herself to shake off the defining role of her career. She revived Cher in an awesome Lip Sync Battle by lip-syncing to Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” while wearing the memorable preppy yellow plaid outfit worn by Cher in the film's first scene. Silverstone also made a TikTok debut in the most Cher way by giving us a Clueless throwback featuring her son. "As if" you can ever pull these two away from each other.

Alicia Silverstone’s son must feel very lucky to have a mother who is not only talented but will never “totally pause” when it comes to taking care of her son. You can currently watch the ‘90s nostalgic classic Clueless using your HBO Max subscription

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