Amber Heard's Sister Calls Out MTV Over Johnny Depp VMAs Cameo

Johnny Depp surprised fans during Sunday night’s Video Music Awards when the actor made a virtual cameo at the MTV awards show. The Pirates of the Caribbean star was seen in a moment where his face was superimposed on the award show’s logo, a moonman. Following the VMAs appearance, Amber Heard’s sister Whitney Heard is calling out the network for including Depp in the broadcast, calling the decision “disgusting.” 

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been a huge hot topic this year as the exes battled it out in a defamation case for almost two months between April and June, with the ruling working most in favor of Depp. Here’s how Whitney Heard responded following Depp’s appearance at the VMAs on Sunday night via her Instagram story: 

Whit Heard calling out the VMAs August 28, 2022 for Johnny Depp cameo at MTV Awards

(Image credit: Instagram/Whit Heard)

The sister of Amber Heard shared that she felt the appearance of Johnny Depp during the awards show was a “clearly desperate” move from the network. She also said that she hoped that the people who made the decision to include Depp in the telecast don’t have daughters. 

During the appearance, Johnny Depp quipped “You know what? I needed the work” while floating over the stage at the VMAs. Johnny Depp made three brief cameos overall, saying in another segment, “Hey, VMAs, let's get back to the fucking music, shall we?” after a commercial break. 

In his final appearance at the award show, once again as a moonman, he made another joke at his own expense, saying, “I just want you guys to know I’m available for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings, wakes… Any old thing you need, you name it. Oh — and I’m also a dentist.” 

An appearance like Johnny Depp's at the VMAs could signal his comeback in the entertainment industry. The actor is currently shooting his first post-trial movie, a French film about Louis XV called Jeanne Du Barry, where he’ll play the ruler. On the flip side, there’s an ongoing petition for Amber Heard to be removed from her upcoming 2023 movie, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, which has gathered 4.5 million signatures. 

During the trial, Heard made allegations that Depp was sexually and physically abusive toward her throughout their relationship, which she initially detailed in a Washington Post op-ed. Depp alleged her claims were fabricated and that her speaking out negatively affected his career as a result. 

Throughout the Depp vs. Heard trial, Whitney Heard has been supportive of her sister, sharing on social media that she still stood with her after the ruling was made. The verdict had the jury deciding to reward Depp $10 million in damages after Heard was found guilty on three counts of defamation, whilst Heard was awarded $2 million for Depp being found guilty of one count. Stay tuned here on CinemaBlend as we continue to cover what’s next for these two actors following their high profile case. 

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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