As James Bond Odds See Regé-Jean Page And Henry Cavill Continue To Duke It Out, A Previous Frontrunner Climbs Again

Henry Cavill in The Witcher and Regé-Jean Page in Bridgerton, pictured side by side.
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When we last checked in on the odds surrounding the future lead of the James Bond movies, Bridgerton alum Regé-Jean Page continued to reign. That hadn’t stopped Henry Cavill and Idris Elba from making some huge gains in respective second and third place finishes. As a new crop of numbers have been revealed, Page’s odds are getting better, with Elba falling slightly in his standings thanks to the resurgence of Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy’s On The Rise Again, With Regé-Jean Page’s Odds Continuing To Grow

“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” That piece of advice from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy couldn’t be more appropriately applied than in the case of the franchise's Bane, who has yet again started to climb in the 007 odds race. US-Bookies’ fresh betting odds have seen Tom Hardy leaping ever so slightly over the recently improved Idris Elba, though it’s still a close scrap. Which leaves the top 10 standings looking a bit something like this: 

  • Rege-Jean Page - 11/4
  • Henry Cavill - 7/2
  • Tom Hardy - 4/1
  • Idris Elba - 6/1
  • James Norton/Jamie Dornan - 8/1
  • Michael Fassbender/Richard Madden - 10/1
  • Lashana Lynch - 12/1
  • Sam Heughan - 14/1
  • Cillian Murphy/Henry Golding/Tom Hopper - 16/1
  • Aidan Turner/Callum Turner/Jack Lowden/Jamie Bell/Riz Ahmed/Elyes Gabel - 20/1

Some familiar faces have returned to make some noise yet again, as Michael Fassbender has just made his own gigantic leap into a 10/1 standing next to Eternals star Richard Madden. Also, the world of TV seems to have given a couple recurring favorites some new hopes, as Peaky Blinders’ Cillian Murphy and Outlander’s Sam Heughan have both made their way into these more prestigious rankings.

Murphy certainly has the edge over Heughan, as his series is currently in its sixth and final season. That sort of certainty starts to wane the further down you go, though, as chaos seems to reign in this latest batch of data. Both the 16/1 and 20/1 standings have multiple candidates in those buckets, with the latter slot presenting a six way tie. Brace yourselves, because the back of the pack is even more stacked, with 33/1 yet again providing the largest variety. 

Tom Holland in Uncharted, Jonathan Majors in Loki, and Luke Evans in Beauty and the Beast, pictured side by side.

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Chaos Reigns Supreme In The Back Of The 007 Pack

If you thought a six way tie was crazy in the 20/1 odds, just wait until you see how crowed the 33/1 Club is. Eight different actors make up the final slot in our standings, with four others competing at 25/1 odds. Take a look at the all star traffic jam for yourself below: 

  • Luke Evans/Mahershala Ali/Tom Hiddleston/Charlie Hunnam - 25/1
  • Daniel Kaluuya/Harry Styles/Jonathan Majors/Kit Harington/Theo James/Thoren Ferguson/Tom Bateman/Tom Holland - 33/1

What can you say about the back field of James Bond competitors, except it’s a pretty wide net of talent? Luke Evans is probably happy about keeping his name on the list of potential 007s, especially after the unfortunate shelving of his Beauty and the Beast prequel that was set to go into production for Disney+. Maybe Evans can sweeten the deal by having Alan Menken rewrite one of the unused songs from that project as a future Bond theme.

All this, and Harry Styles popping up in the potential James Bond running again, makes for quite a bit of excitement in the world of Ian Fleming’s literary juggernaut. The future is wide open, as there’s no specific window for a new film or a new Bond to be chosen. So while producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have us all waiting, we’ll just have to kick back and celebrate the 60th anniversary of James Bond, which will likely include even more updates such as this, in the name of keeping those conversations going. 

While you’re waiting to see who the next James Bond might be, you can relive some of Daniel Craig’s 007 adventures in the world of streaming. Both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are currently available on Netflix, which is quite the coincidence as Craig’s other big franchise, Knives Out, will make its home on that platform with its next two sequels. When a release date for that first follow-up is finally known to the world, you can bet it’ll be added to the roster of 2022 movie releases

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