Beauty And The Beast's Josh Gad Reacts After Disney+ Shelves Live-Action Spinoff

Screenshot of Josh Gad's Lefou confronting Luke Evans' Gaston in Beauty and the Beast
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The Beauty and the Beast spinoff series Little Town has been in the ether since it was announced a few years ago. It seemed like everything was moving forward swiftly as it was reported that the prequel series had added several stars to its cast. But the project took an unexpected turn, as Disney+ announced the miniseries was being shelved for the time being. Upon hearing the news, some fans took to the internet to vocalize their sadness. After seeing fans’ displeasure, the show's co-lead, Josh Gad, took to social media to comfort them.

The Frozen star seemed just as heartbroken as fans when he gave his reaction to the news. Gad hopped on Twitter to let everyone know that the reports were true. Check out how Josh Gad broke the news while offering comfort to viewers:

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The actor gave his followers more insight into what led to the series being put on hold for the time being. It appears behind-the-scenes issues were keeping the Beauty and the Beast spinoff series from reaching the quality the creatives felt devoted fans deserved. While some might see this development as the nail in the coffin, the Olaf actor reassured viewers about the Disney+ series’ future in a follow-up tweet:

But… we truly hope we get to make it when our schedules allow.

At least Gad indicates that the door isn't totally closed. As reported by THR, the filming schedule delay and doubts over creative elements led to the prequel series being put on hold. The COVID pandemic and U.K. weather conditions were also to blame for the scheduling conflicts surrounding talent and production.

The Gaston and Lefou-centric series was first announced in 2020, with Josh Gad and Luke Evans attached to reprise their roles. After the announcement, Evans gave fans an update on the Beauty and the Beast spinoff’s progress, revealing he and Gad had read two to three episodes and heard new songs from Alan Menken. He left the series’ concept open, as he recalled fans’ affinity for the villainous duo. The Nine Perfect Strangers star couldn’t hide his excitement after giving an enthusiastic response to Briana Middleton joining the cast as Lefou’s stepsister. Evans appeared to be getting into top shape to play Gaston, as he posted a thirst trap showing off his unreal abs.

Maybe shelving the Disney+ series will cause the media company to shift plans and reconsider the much-talked-about Beauty and the Beast sequel. Beast himself Dan Stevens is open to it and even thought Little Town could’ve renewed interest in a potential sequel.

While Little Town is on ice for now, there are still plenty of Disney+ shows for viewers to watch. They can also find both the live-action and animated Beauty and the Beast adaptations and other movies on Disney+.

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