Bam Margera’s Jackass Lawsuit Has Taken A Step Forward

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Normally, the Jackass franchise focuses on a group of guys doing really silly (and often really dumb) stuff in front of a camera. However, things have become much more serious for all involved in Jackass as former member Bam Margera has sued many of the people and companies involved in the TV and film series following his ouster from the most recent film. And the legal drama is heating up. 

Bam Margera’s lawsuit, which includes Paramount Pictures, MTV Networks, Johnny Knoxville, director Jeff Tremaine and producer Spike Jonze, among others, had been on hold pending a ruling from L.A. Superior Court Judge Robert S. Draper. The defendants had filed a motion to dismiss some of the claims, specifically unfair competition and copyright infringement, under California’s anti-SLAPP statute, which is designed to help end frivolous lawsuits early. However, according to THR, the judge has found that Margera’s suit meets the minimum requirements to survive dismissal, and so the lawsuit will now proceed.

Meeting the minimum requirements to survive dismissal certainly isn’t the same thing as proving the case on its merits, there will still be work to be done there, but this still has to be considered a significant win for Bam Margera’s side of things. The lawsuit has survived intact which means that, unless the two sides settle out of court (which is still possible), this issue will likely see a courtroom.

Bam Margera’s lawsuit surrounds a “wellness contract” which he says he was coerced into signing by Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze. Margera was allegedly in rehab at the time and was told that if he did not sign the contract he would not be able to participate in the movie at all. The contract required Margera to undergo regular drug and alcohol testing, and stipulated he would be removed from the newest project, the movie Jackass Forever, if he failed any tests. He eventually tested positive for Adderall, which Margera says he is prescribed for ADHD.

Bam Margera’s lawsuit also includes claims of wrongful termination, discrimination and violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. He has also stated that he believes the addiction issues he has struggled with are directly related to his work on the Jackass franchise. 

The new Jackass film, Jackass Forever, is set for release on February 4, 2022. It had previously been set for an October 2021 release, and while some surmised that the delay was actually due to the ongoing lawsuit, that’s been denied by those involved in the project. One of the issues at hand is whether any of the ideas used in the new movie came from Bam Margera. While his contract with Paramount would give the studio ownership over any of that, the Judge agreed that the wellness contract could void that agreement. We will see if that question is ultimately answered in court.  

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