After Bam Margera Sues Over Jackass 4 Compensation, New Documents Detail Issues He Blames The Franchise For

Fans are surely eager to finally feast their eyes on Jackass Forever, the fourth and final installment in the beloved film series spawned by the MTV reality show. However, the movie will be missing one key star, as OG cast member Bam Margera was fired from the stunt-filled sendoff due to issues that allegedly occurred on set. The stunt performer didn’t take the news well and has since filed suit against Johnny Knoxville and the rest of his former collaborators. It’s been a little while since the public has been updated on the situation, but recently surfaced legal documents have provided some insight into what Margera blames the franchise for.

Through his lawsuit, the 42-year-old skateboarder and TV personality is reportedly seeking millions of dollars in compensation. He was also hoping to get an injunction that would keep the film from releasing on its former October 2021 release date. (The film was later delayed due to COVID-related schedule shifts at Paramount Pictures.) The Blast obtained the documents in which the star accuses the Jackass franchise of causing his struggles with addiction: 

I did not have any issues with addiction and drug use until I began my involvement…with the Jackass franchise. It was not until then that I became dependent on Adderall and pain medications to maintain the focus needed to satisfy the production schedule of Defendants for my various television and motion picture projects and to manage the pain associated with the injuries I suffered performing the stunts in those productions.

Bam Margera’s bouts with addiction have been well documented. During the early days of filming on Jackass Forever, the star apparently went “AWOL,” and it was later discovered that he’d checked himself into a rehab facility in Florida. At the time, reports also claimed that Paramount and his colleagues were seeking to help him receive further treatment. Further in the documents though, Margera also alleges that other members of the cast and crew have experienced similar issues due to their involvement with the productions over the years: 

I am informed and aware that my fellow castmates have publicly and privately detailed their own challenges with addiction. I do not share those details here, as that is personal to them, notwithstanding my personal observations and knowledge.

After being let go from the movie, the MTV alum took to social media through a series of videos, in which he chastised the cast and crew, including director Jeff Tremaine. Additionally, he encouraged fans to boycott the upcoming film. The harassment became so strong that Tremaine filed a temporary restraining order against him, which was eventually approved. The situation seemed to kibosh any chance of a potential reconciliation between both parties. 

Most of the cast has remained relatively quiet on the subject of their former co-star since his lawsuit was filed. Johnny Knoxville did, however, share some brief thoughts on the situation. Knoxville simply said that he and the rest of the team only wanted him “to be happy and healthy and get the help he needs.”

Aside from his problems with Jackass, Bam Margera is dealing with other personal issues at the moment. It was reported in September that he had engaged in another legal battle with his wife regarding custody over their son. As of October, he was also in the midst of another rehab stint after being escorted back by police, who engaged him during an incident in Florida. It’s hard to say what might come of his lawsuit, but we here at CinemaBlend will be watching to see how things play out.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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