Bob Odenkirk’s Nobody 2 Gets An Update From Producer And Bullet Train Director David Leitch

Bob Odenkirk smoking cigarette with cat in front of him in Nobody
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David Leitch has become one of the most in demand action movie directors on the face of the planet. After giving us John Wick and an amazing Deadpool sequel, his newest film is Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train. However, one of his most talked about film’s is Nobody, which took the John Wick formula and applied it to the last guy you ever thought would be a trained killer, in this case, played by Bob Odenkrik.

Bob Odenkirk was already incredibly popular due to his work on Better Call Saul, but Nobody gave fans another side of the actor and turned him into an action star. Fans of the first film have been hoping for a sequel and director David Leitch is saying now that Nobody 2 is very likely to happen. He told THR

I think that movie is going to happen. The will is there from Bob [Odenkirk], the studio, the producers, Derek [Kolstad] and ourselves. So we’re in development on it, like hardcore development on it, and I would place your bet on it.

Normally we see directors or stars hedge their bets when it comes to future projects. So many concepts that start development die before they get anywhere. And David Leith has a lot of irons in the fire as a director and producer, so it would be understandable if he played a bit more coy with the Nobody sequel. Odenkirk was vague, but positive, when he was asked the Nobody 2 question earlier this year. 

Instead, he’s telling people to bet on it happening. That’s not the same thing as saying it is happening, to be sure. It sounds like the movie is still very early in production, but it is being actively worked on, which means the idea isn’t sitting on a shelf collecting dust. There are plenty of movie projects that we’ve been told are in production, but are clearly not serious concerns, at least not right now. Leitch has talked about doing an Atomic Blonde 2 as well but we haven’t heard much about that recently

Exactly what “hardcore development” means is far from clear, but David Leitch and company could be working on the story, or they could already have that and the movie could be getting to work on a script. 

Of course, there is one thing that has changed fairly recently that may be the reason that Nobody 2 is in “hardcore development.” Bob Odenkirk likely has a bit more free time on his hands now that Better Call Saul has come to an end. He can likely devote more time and energy to the movie now, and without him, there isn’t much of a movie. Odenkirk credits Nobody with helping him survive his heart attack, due to the fact that he was in good shape when it happened.. 

Certainly, Nobody 2 is still a couple of years away, even under the best circumstances, but fans of the first movie have waited this long. Knowing that the film isn’t being ignored will likely be enough to make it all worth the wait.  

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