Details Emerge Of The Support Bruce Willis’ Wife, Others Are Giving The Actor After His Retirement Announcement, Aphasia Diagnosis

Bruce Willis with a steely eyed glare
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It is always tragic news to hear when a beloved actor’s life changes because of a serious medical diagnosis. That is what happened to Die Hard actor Bruce Willis, whose family revealed he is retiring from acting due to a health condition called aphasia. The condition robs you of your ability to speak, write, and understand language. Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming Willis is supporting her husband following his diagnosis and retirement, and more details are starting to emerge.

People spoke to a source who revealed information about what has been happening following the beloved actor's diagnosis. Willis' wife Heming Willis is reportedly working with "several professionals" and has him seeing the best doctors. As well as Emma taking care of Willis, he also has an assistant at home to make sure he is safe. Because there is a 23 year age gap, the source said the 43-year-old actress and model reportedly expected his health would decline at some point, but the timeline is "shocking."

Bruce Willis’ diagnosis came as a shock to a lot of other celebrities who have had a great relationship with him. Many spoke out in the immediate aftermath to share stories and to send love to him and his family. Ex-wife and co-parent Demi Moore joined the rest of the family in a statement saying everyone is moving forward with the strength of the family unit. M. Night Shyamalan, who directed Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense, said "he will always be that hero on that poster on my wall as a kid.”

Sylvester Stallone and John Travolta also shared their reactions to the diagnosis. Stallone dropped a bunch of great photos of himself and Bruce Willis together over the years. Travolta did the same, along with a caption calling the actor a “generous soul." Willis’ daughter Scout Willis also wrote a beautiful message about how much it meant to her to have the glowing support of friends and fans of his. She also appreciated hearing about just how much her dad means to everyone. He was clearly loved by so many.

The diagnosis also produced a statement from the Razzies. The organization rescinded a recent award given to Willis. Originally, a special category was made for the actor only for them to acknowledge how inappropriate it was since he's been battling this condition while trying to film. 

While Bruce Willis’ time on the big screen is over, the action-packed and sentimental performances he gave to audiences for over 40 years will live in our minds and our hearts. Thank you, Bruce Willis, for all of these years of memorable entertainment. If you're looking to revisit some of his best movies, the good news is you have plenty to choose from.

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