Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta And More React To Bruce Willis’ Retirement Announcement

Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard
(Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

Bruce Willis is a living legend. As an actor he's built a career of undeniable hits and proven he has the range to pull off a wide variety of roles, no matter how challenging. Now that he’s facing a new challenge in his life, he's retiring from his work on the big screen. But his famous friends and family members, including Sylvester Stallone and John Travolta, have made it clear they are with him even as he steps out of the spotlight. 

After learning that Bruce Willis is retiring because he has been diagnosed with Aphasia, fans around the world were shocked. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the language disorder makes it difficult to effectively communicate – so it's understandable why he would need to step away from his career. But that doesn’t make it any less sad for those who love him. And we have seen over the past couple of days that the list of people in that category is very long. 

Sylvester Stallone, who co-starred with his fellow action icon in The Expendables and its first sequel, seems to have put any kind of feud between the two of them behind him. He shared some sweet throwback pictures on Instagram, along with a heartfelt message of support: 

The Rocky star joined a long list of fellow celebrities who have already shared good wishes for the Die Hard star. The outpouring of love for Bruce Willis continued, with John Travolta reflecting on his long friendship with his Pulp Fiction and Look Who’s Talking co-star: 

It seems like the 67-year-old actor has had a big impact on many of the actors he’s shared the screen with over the years. Haley Joel Osment, who appeared alongside him in The Sixth Sense, shared his gratitude for that experience and his respect for his former co-star: 

Demi Moore, who has never been shy about praising Bruce Willis and his commitment to their blended family, already shared her love for him following the announcement. She was joined by daughter Rumer Willis, who reflected on how much her father means to her: 

Scout Willis also opened up in a long post on her Instagram account. In the post, she shared how much it has meant to her to receive support and hear how much her dad means to friends and fans all over the world:

Dealing with a serious medical condition is always scary. It’s good to know the Willis family is feeling the love as they go through this challenging period.

While Bruce Willis has stepped away from his career, fans haven’t seen the last of him. He has several upcoming movies in post-production, though it’s not yet clear if any of them will be a part of the slate of new movie releases scheduled for 2022. As we wait to find out more, we can continue to send the actor and his family our best wishes.

Katherine Webb