Buckle Up Swifties, Taylor Swift Is Directing Her First Movie

In her career as an entertainer, Taylor Swift has moved through the realms of singing, songwriting, as well as acting in new movie releases like Amsterdam. In recent years directing has become a passion project for the award winning recording artist, seen through her recent short film/music video for her song “All Too Well.” Some have been wondering when/if Swift would ever jump to directing a full film, and Swifties, it looks like that’s about to happen real soon.

Variety has broken the news that Taylor Swift will be making her directorial debut, through an original script she’s also written, thanks to Searchlight Pictures. The studio home of this year’s awards contender The Banshees of Inisherin has apparently committed to this vision that Swift has cooked up, and they couldn’t be happier. 

Of course, just as one would expect, we have no details on the story, the cast, or when this movie would go into production. Though one could assume that this mystery movie is going to, at the earliest, kick off towards the end of 2023. You can thank The Eras Tour for that, as Taylor Swift is booked up for this hot ticket event through next August.

Filmmaking feels like a natural step in the direction that Swift is looking to take her career in. Even before she was directing music videos for her own songs,Taylor Swift’s acting performances showed that she was getting quite cinematic with her ambitions. But after “All Too Well: The Short Film” appeared at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, with Taylor appearing to discuss the movie, anyone could have called this next shot from a mile away. 

Though there’s no concrete details on what this film’s story will be about, knowing Taylor Swift’s personal storytelling patterns, it’s going to be something straight from her heart. Not to wear the example into the ground, but with her latest short film being based on a song that supposedly digs into her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, it would be a surprise if this project wasn’t a romantic drama of some sort. Unless Swift is a secret Star Wars fan who wants to tell a story in a galaxy far, far away. You never know.

Whenever this Taylor Swift film debuts, at least fans can take comfort knowing they won’t have to go through ridiculous, viral Tik Tok video lengths to get a ticket. Unless we’re talking about the eventual world premiere, festival debuts, and potential Kevin Smith-style roadshow that might ensue as a result. In which case, that’s going to be an interesting ride to chronicle on its own.

If you’re a Swifty that hasn’t caught Taylor’s short but memorable role in Amsterdam, you’re in luck. Those of you with an HBO Max subscription can stream that film at home at your earliest convenience. And should you be inspired to check out The Banshees of Inisherin after Taylor Swift’s talk with director Martin McDonagh hits Variety’s Directors on Directors lineup, that film will be on the platform starting December 13th. 

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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