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Edward Norton Writes Heartfelt Tribute To Fight Club Co-Star Meat Loaf

Screenshot of Edward Norton's The Narrator and Meat Loaf's Big Bob meeting at a support group
(Image credit: 20th Century)

Right now, fans and friends are still reeling from the unexpected death of rock music legend Meat Loaf. The tributes have been pouring in since the news broke. While Meat Loaf was best known for his decades-long music career, he also kept a sizable acting career at the same time. One of his most notable roles was Robert “Big Bob” Paulson in the cult classic Fight Club. Upon hearing the news, Fight Club co-star Edward Norton decided to pen a moving tribute to the music legend.

The Birdman star took to Twitter to pay tribute to his former co-star. Edward Norton and Meat Loaf shared some memorable scenes in the 1998 film, which the actor also cherished. The Oscar nominee shared an image of the Narrator and Big Bob’s first meeting in his sweet note to the beloved music icon.

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Even with how intense and twisted Fight Club was, it was nice to find out that Meat Loaf kept the set light. It must have been something to hear the Rocky Horror Picture Show star just belt Led Zeppelin so effortlessly. Edward Norton appeared to share an instantaneous bond with the “I Do Anything for Love” singer while shooting the black comedy. Recalling those special moments between him and the rock music legend gave some levity to the person behind the persona.

But Edward Norton wasn’t done heaping kind words of the late music icon, as he shared another Narrator-Big Bob moment from the Fight Club set. Norton spoke about the joy the image continues to give him.

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Edward Norton chose to speak about the man rather than the rock star or actor. Speaking on his Fight Club co-star’s off-screen personality proved how close they became. Meat Loaf and Norton seemed to form a genuine bromance while working on the controversial film. It was nice to know the connection Big Bob and the Narrator formed translated into a real-life friendship.

While the black comedy was filled with violence, it had heart, especially during the calmer scenes with the support groups. Much of that was due to the lovable teddy bear Paulson’s sensitive and heartfelt moments. Of course, all that wouldn’t be possible with the superb acting of Meat Loaf. He tapped into the character’s ethos, which he hadn’t done much in his earlier characters.

Despite the film being revered as a cult classic, Fight Club divided both critics and moviegoers when it was released in 1999. Some critics called out the film for its excessive violence and twist ending while others enjoyed the direction and performances. The black comedy went on to gross over $101 million, which fell below 20th Century Fox’s expectations. It found a second life as its home release became a commercial success. Fight Club is currently available to stream on Prime Video.

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