Fans Are Revisiting A Picture Bob Saget, Louie Anderson And Gilbert Gottfried Took Together Before Their Deaths

Gilbert Gottfried at a Comedy Central Friars Club Roast.
(Image credit: Comedy Central)

Recently, the world lost talented comedian and pop culture icon Gilbert Gottfried, who died yesterday at the age of 67. A fixture of the entertainment world, his career and his friendships were equally legendary; a fact that fans are revisiting in the wake of his passing. This has been shown in the recent flood of reactions to a photo Gottfried posted shortly after the deaths of dear friends Bob Saget and Louie Anderson.

The photo in question was posted by Gilbert Gottfried, as part of the tributes to Anderson’s passing earlier this year. With the unexpected passing of the comedian best known for roles in Aladdin and Problem Child, social media services have seen people coming back to this bittersweet photo in reflection.

Among the responses to Gilbert Gottfried’s post from late January is a collective sense of surprise. In addition to the unexpected nature of his passing, people have also noticed that all three comedians in the photo have passed away this year. User “shawnwithaW_” also shared that sentiment in the response seen below:

This tweet isn’t even three months old. Everyone in the picture is now gone. Love your loved ones while you can.

Bob Saget’s death sparked similar tributes, as fans and friends shared their fondest remembrances. His early January passing was followed later that same month by Louie Anderson. Just a few short months later, Gottfried also died. However “AlohaMultimedia” mentioned another dearly departed friend of this group, and how the comedy world seems to be losing a lot of its titans in recent times:

More now. RIP Gilbert. We recently lost The Goat Norm Macdonald, then Bob and Louie and now Gilbert. Thanks so much for the laughs over all these years.

Much like Norm Macdonald, Gottfried died from a longterm illness he had hidden from the public. In this case, type ii myotonic dystrophy was named as the cause of Gilbert Gottfried’s death, whereas Macdonald’s death last September was due to his almost decade-long battle with cancer. User “Anu_Datta” reflected on this overall sadness, as follows: 

This picture is particularly sad this morning. We had the pleasure to see all 3 comedy icons...Thank you for the laughs. #RIPGilbertGottfried #RIPLouieAnderson #RipBobSaget

If there’s a fitting tribute to the life and laughter of Gilbert Gottfried, actor Spencer Garrett has certainly hit the nail on the head. Referencing one of the gags he was best known for, Garrett closes out our roundup with this fitting reference:

Look at these beautiful beloved Aristocrats! May his memory be a blessing. These 3 legends are making the angels laugh their asses off in heaven now. Thanks for all the laughs, sir.

Known for a particularly raunchy version of the already filthy joke known as “The Aristocrats,” it’s one of the videos that Gilbert Gottfried fans should revisit. That is, if they can handle the extreme lengths that Gottfried took the joke to. If you’re a fan of his infamous appearances at Comedy Central’s Friars Club Roasts, this very NSFW video should be a perfect fit:

Of course, being a man of many talents, family comedy wasn’t beyond Gilbert Gottfried’s scope. This was most recently seen in his appearance on TBS’ Tournament of Laughs, which was inspired by his own daughter. No matter how you were exposed to his work, it’s undeniable that Gottfried made many in the world smile, whether it was through comedy or kindness. May his memory be a continued blessing upon the world.

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