Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly Reveals Big Reasons Why Beth Dutton Is Feeling 'Pretty Good' When Season 5 Kicks Off

Beth holding shotgun on porch in Yellowstone
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It can be assumed that any Yellowstone character who isn't shown to be laughing uproariously about something is probably experiencing one of several hardships, such as it goes for Paradise Valley's elite. But according to Kelly Reilly, her fan-favorite character Beth Dutton may indeed be trading smug grimaces for more positive reactions whenever the Paramount Network drama returns for its super-sized Season 5. At least in the early episodes, if not for the entire duration.

Considering Season 4 wrapped up with Beth in as good a place as she’d been in quite some time, perhaps it’s not a huge surprise to learn Kelly Reilly told TV Insider that things start off from a fairly positive perspective for the lone Dutton sister. In her words:

Beth is going into this feeling pretty good about everything. She’s confident that things are going to be looked after better.

Despite the fact that Beth definitely has overarching worries concerning Jacki Weaver’s Caroline, whose final fourth-season appearance saw her dishing out blood-chilling threats regarding the family’s ranch, Beth apparently has confidence that the Duttons’ property struggles will be handled more dependably going forward. We all know that pride tends to come before the fall, but a character like Beth always lands on her feet, claws first.

Why is Beth feeling so self-assured about everything? Part of it has to do with rebuilding family dynamics, with both Kevin Costner’s John Dutton and Wes Bentley’s Jamie, who was forced into a scandalous dilemma in Season 4’s finale, in which he murdered his biological father and dumped the body over the Montana state line, with Beth taking incriminating photos of it all. It seems like dictating Jamie’s life will provide some satisfaction for Reilly’s character, as will sharing the dictator duties with her dad. According to the actress:

There’s a bit of the early dynamic coming back into the show, of them having to work together. [Beth and John] are using Jamie to put things through that they wouldn’t be able to do. They need him working for the family. It’s like working for the mob.

As it usually goes, Jamie is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. But at least when he’s actively trying to keep Beth happy with his political connections, he doesn’t necessarily have to worry about her and John blindsiding him, as they did when John announced he was running for governor. And really, a happy Beth is better for everyone, so here’s hoping Jamie doesn’t immediately screw things up by making the wrong call. 

You know what wasn’t the wrong call? Beth and Rip’s impromptu ranch wedding, which finally gave the beloved couple some permanence, even if a priest had to be kidnapped to make it happen. According to Kelly Reilly, being married to Cole Hauser’s badass ranch hand is a huge positive for Beth, even if fans shouldn’t expect her to immediately become domesticated and wife-y. In her words: 

They’re in a beautiful, solid place. There’s something magical for her that this is now, finally, her husband, her person forever. Marriage for her is a wonderful thing. Has it tamed her? No.

Considering how much Reilly loves working with both Kevin Costner and Cole Hauser, it’s easy to understand how that happiness might bleed through into her fictional character’s own emotional state. But if you think that building up stronger relationships as a daughter and a wife will inspire Beth to become more of a mother to Finn Little’s Carter, go ahead and sweep that expectation up with all the other bullshit in the stable, because it’s not happening.

Yellowstone Season 5 is currently filming up in Montana, with the first seven episodes set to debut on Paramount Network on Sunday, November 13, with the second half airing in early 2023. Fans can also look forward to hearing more updates on the upcoming 1932 spinoff, which is set to star Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, as well as more about the 1883 spinoff focusing on Bass Reeves, and the 6666 spinoff that flipped from being a Paramount+ exclusive to airing linearly on Paramount Network. As always, our 2022 TV premiere schedule will keep you looped in on all the upcoming start dates for your favorite shows. 

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