Halle Berry Has A Classy Response To Being Confused For The Little Mermaid’s Halle Bailey

After a couple years out of the Hollywood spotlight, Halle Berry is back in the game and seemingly stronger than ever. Her directorial debut Bruised has killed it on Netflix, and she has even more acting projects in the works. Be that as it may, she’s definitely not in Disney’s upcoming live-action The Little Mermaid - that would be singer-actress Halle Bailey. Berry has gotten confused for the 21-year-old actress due to how similar their names are, and the John Wick star has a pretty classy response to the mix-up.

Halle Berry’s continued career seems to be having some fans confusing her for Halle Bailey, the actress who will portray the red-headed mermaid Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid remake. Berry shared one such mix-up to her Twitter, and added her own innocently nice response. You can check the post out below, where Berry also says how much she’s looking forward to seeing Bailey on the big screen in the role:

While the ‘90s may feel like they were only 10 years ago and iconic actors like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio may still seem like they’re in their prime, plenty of time has still passed. Granted, Pitt and DiCaprio may still be putting out bangers, but Titanic and Fight Club were over 20 years ago. The same can also be said for Halle Berry’s introduction to the X-Men as Storm and rise to fame as an actress.

That being said, Halle Berry has always looked phenomenal, her roots being in pageants and modeling, but she is not in her teens or 20s anymore. She still is an absolute knock-out, but it would probably be a little bit weird for the 55-year-old actress to be cast as Ariel, who is traditionally a teenager.

Some fans in the comments of Halle Berry’s post, seem to think Halle Berry getting confused with Halle Bailey is a huge compliment. One commenter mentioned that Berry getting confused with someone who is 30 years younger is just a testament to how well she has aged. If you’ve seen Berry lately, you’re likely to agree.

Because of her age, Halle Bailey is probably a much better choice for Ariel. She was cast in the role when she was just 19. The pandemic had other plans for the film, though, and filming was finally completed this year, with Bailey at age 21. She certainly looks the part of princess for the upcoming film, and has an active career as a vocalist.

The Little Mermaid promises something a little different for fans used to the animated original, and the film will feature a number of new songs. Filming may be finished, but we still have quite the wait for the film to be released. The Little Mermaid has a release date of 2023, but there are plenty of other live-action reboots in Disney’s future - although probably not with Halle Berry taking lead.

Carlie Hoke
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