Halle Berry Has The Best Time Celebrating As Her Directorial Debut Hits #1 On Netflix

Halle Berry in Bruised
(Image credit: Netflix)

Halle Berry’s directorial debut, Bruised, is making major waves on Netflix. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, as it's a heartfelt film and a solid start to Berry’s career behind the camera. The movie is yet another high-profile production for Netflix, amid the recent success of other big titles on the streaming service. Now, it's hit a significant milestone by hitting #1 on the streamer's trending list. Following this, Berry celebrated in the best way. 

The movie's recent distinction is definitely impressive when you consider the powerhouse performance of Dwayne Johnson's Red Notice. So if you were in Halle Berry's shoes, you'd probably celebrate just in the way that she did. After the news dropped, she took to Instagram to post a video of her celebration, and it involved dancing and a bit of alcohol. Check out the post for yourself down below:

Halle Berry looks like she's having a fantastic time marking her film’s success. She can be seen dancing with a glass of champagne in hand and playing a track from the flick's soundtrack. Directing and starring in a movie is a significant accomplishment, but having the film also reach the top spot on Netflix is simply icing on the cake. Overall, I'd say this is a fitting way to mark such a momentous occasion.

Bruised follows Jackie Justice, a former MMA fighter who has had a rocky career and life. However, after the son she abandoned re-enters her life, she has to confront her demons inside and outside of the octagon. The movie was quite close to the actress/director's heart, as she has spoken about how it serves as proof that careers don’t end in your forties. And believe it or not, when she came on board the project, she actually reshaped the story to represent her and tell a story that fits where she is at this stage in her life. 

Upon the release of her latest project, the Oscar-winning star has been reminiscing about the highs and lows of her career. This includes her iconic Die Another Day beach scene as well as her work in Catwoman. The actress has actually stated that she wants a “redo” on the much-maligned comic book movie and can now see herself directing and reimagining the character that she played 17 years ago. Still, she recently called out the haters and has expressed pride over the movie's legacy and the fans that actually love it.

Nevertheless, Bruised seems to be much more personal to Halle Berry, who recently spoke about why she chose it as her directional debut. She cites its characters and story about motherhood and second chances as the most appealing aspects. Seeing that she now has a number-one movie on Netflix under her belt, I'd say she chose well. Not bad for a first-time director. It'll be interesting to see how she follows up her first feature and, hopefully, it won't be too long before the public finds out what said project is.

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