Halloween Remake Director Rob Zombie Explains Why He Hasn't Watched The Blumhouse Trilogy Yet

Michael Myers standing eerily in Halloween Ends and Rob Zombie staring ahead in Never Gonna Stop, pictured side by side
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As you may well know by now, co-writer/director David Gordon Green’s new movie release Halloween Ends has become a flashpoint of debate for fans of the franchise. John Carpenter’s legendary slasher series has once more set up the dividing lines, and people are ready to debate the big swings taken in this Halloween finale. One person you won’t hear taking either side of the debate is writer/director Rob Zombie, as he’s actually had a good reason to avoid watching the Blumhouse trilogy.

The horror director behind this year’s film adaptation of The Munsters shared as much on Facebook, in response to people sharing with him the many memes responding to the latest Halloween movie. In particular, the memes seem to joke that people who dumped on his duology of Michael Myers stories will now come around to his view on the franchise. Rob Zombie’s comment on the matter reads as follows: 

I have been getting bombarded with these and it just keeps on getting funnier and funnier. FYI - I have no opinion on the new films . I haven’t seen them yet. My experience with making my films was so insane it really burnt me out on Halloween. Sad but true. I just think the internet is hilarious.

Throughout 2022, Zombie has run into a fan-related situation that sees The Munsters inspiring various thoughts from viewers far and wide. However, that’s a cakewalk compared to how people responded to the 2007’s Halloween remake, and its 2009 follow-up, Halloween II

It hard not to see the echoes of the disappointed side of the fandom reverberating in the discourse surrounding Blumhouse’s entire trilogy of Michael Meyers/Laurie Strode flicks. Which, in turn, totally explains why Rob Zombie would stay away from any of those movies.

Considering the current discussions from the fandom and the fact that there’s already a petition to totally remake Halloween Ends, it doesn’t look like much has changed between these eras of slasherdom. Very vocal opinions on how Myers and even Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode were handled in the latest iteration of the franchise continue to fly across the web. However, even with the fires of discussion raging, Rob Zombie is right that the internet is hilarious and that the memes are savaging a topic worth laughing about. 

The Halloween franchise will probably be rebooted again at some point, as even the die-hard fans are practically expecting it to be announced any day now. Whether David Gordon Green will watch a potential new incarnation or not remains to be seen. While we wouldn’t blame him for skipping out for the same reasons Rob Zombie skipped the Blumhouse trilogy, perhaps enough time will have passed for them both to revisit Michael Myers’ legacy on the big screen. 

Should you want to join in on the fun, you can currently catch Halloween Ends, as it’s showing in theaters, as well as streaming for those with a Peacock subscription. Meanwhile, Rob Zombie fans can stream his latest film, The Munsters on Netflix. And if you're tired of Michael Myers continually being resurrected to bring the town of Haddonfield to its knees, you may want to read these thoughts on why Halloween Ends should end Michael once and for all.

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