How Disney World And Disneyland Will Celebrate Disney+ Day

Partners statue and Sleeping Beauty Castle at night
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This Friday is Disney+ Day and for subscribers to the streaming service it’s going to a big day with lots of cool content dropping online for anybody who just wants to take the day and watch lots of movies and TV. Bu if you already have a busy day planned for November 12, like if you’re going to be spending the day at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, there will actually still be fun to be had as the parks will be celebrating Disney+ Day in their own way. 

First off, subscribers to Disney+ will be able to enter the theme parks at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World 30 minutes early on November 12. That isn’t a massive jump on the crowd, but it’s certainly enough time to get one extra ride in, and it will make it that much easier to get on board a popular ride-- even if you just end up getting in line early. 

Once Disney+ subscribers are actually in the park, there will be even more to enjoy. The Blue carpet will be rolled out and special photo opportunities and character moments will be available at both Disneyland Park in California and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. 

While it’s not being revealed what characters will appear, one assumes they’ll be related to Disney+ content, and I have to wonder if the rumor that The Mandalorian and Grogu could be making appearances in the parks might finally be about to happen. These special photo moments will also come with free PhotoPass downloads so guests won’t have to pay extra for their cool new pictures.

And these cool opportunities won’t be limited to just the North American parks, as Disneyland Paris will also offer the early entry and the character moments. On top of that, the Tower of Terror will light up at night in Disney+ blue. One assumes the reason the same won’t happen in Florida is that it already lights up in special colors as part of the EARadecent 50th anniversary celebration.

Disney is teasing even “more” that will be available to Disney+ subscribers in the parks on Disney+ Day so there will likely be some surprises. Disney is also offering a number of discounts on products, a discount on Disney+ itself for new and returning subscribers, and even more content that is being released on Friday. It's just a big day across the massive company that is Disney.

It will actually be interesting to see just how many people take advantage of these subscriber benefits. One might assume that a lot of the people visiting Disney Parks are Disney+ subscribers. If you’re a fan of the content you’ll want to have the streaming service and visit the parks. Maybe most people will be subscribers, and thus most people visiting the parks will be able to get in early, but I guess we’ll find out on Friday. 

Dirk Libbey
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