Hollywood Studios Made A Change To One Of Its Star Wars Addition, And Coca-Cola May Have Been Involved

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Disney’s theme parks have been experiencing their fair share of ups and downs over the last year, mostly related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To say that the situation has changed up the dynamics for all of Disney’s theme parks would be a massive understatement. Now, it would seem that there’s a bit more drama brewing in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as Coca-Cola has allegedly caused a change for one of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’s newest additions.

Just recently, Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios began offering the Blue Point Brewery Gold Squadron Lager, which was initially an exclusive to Oga’s Cantina. However, at some point, the beer was also reportedly made available for purchase at Coca-Cola droid carts. This development reportedly led The Coca-Cola Company to take action.

WDW News Today reports that Coca-Cola was allegedly upset that non-Coca-Cola products were being sold at the carts. This reportedly comes from cast members at the park. The trade speculates that the complaint could be due to a sponsorship deal in which the soft drink company either funds or purchase the carts. As of right now, park attendees can still purchase Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Dansani drinks from the carts.

Despite the beer apparently not being sold at Coca-Cola carts anymore, guests won’t be without libations when they visit Galaxy’s Edge. The trade also mentions that the Blue Point Brewery Gold Squadron Lager is still available to purchase. Only instead of going to the droid cart, visitors will have to journey to the kiosk across from the Milk Stand. Apparently, the tap is still present along with signage that advertises the drink.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was a major step for Disney Parks when it came to alcohol. Before the two locations opened, the drink selections at Oga’s Cantina were toted as some of the most notable features. It seemed to entice a number of fans, who likely relished the chance to enjoy adult beverages – while also replicating the experience of hanging in a Star Wars-style watering hole.

This was still a notable change for Disney’s history because, up to that point, Disneyland had never served alcohol since it opened in 1955. Former Disney CEO Bob Iger was well aware of the tradition and respected it. But he didn’t feel that making the change would be a major problem for the park. As of right now, his instincts have proven to be right, as no major problems have resulted from the move, in regard to guests anyway.

The reported change shouldn’t shake up the drinking dynamics at Galaxy’s Edge too much. Guests can still enjoy their alcoholic beverages all while still enjoying the Star Wars-centric atmosphere that continues to draw people to the park.

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