Kimi Ending Explained: Unraveling The Mystery In The Zoë Kravitz Movie

Zoe Kravitz listening to audio in Kimi
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Ahead of Zoë Kravitz’s turn as Catwoman in The Batman, the actress is the star of a new offering exclusive to those with HBO Max subscriptions, Kimi. The movie directed by Contagion and No Sudden Move filmmaker Steven Soderbergh is a tight pandemic thriller that follows Kravitz as a tech worker who comes across a piece of audio she believes to be evidence of a crime. Let’s talk about what happened and what goes down in the Kimi ending. 

The suspenseful film, which has received overall positive reviews, starts by setting up Zoë Kravitz’s Angela Childs, who works on improving the intelligence of a digital assistant likened to Alexa or Siri called “Kimi.” Angela has agoraphobia and is living in Seattle during the COVID-19 pandemic. She lives in a huge place that has massive windows to look out to see her neighbors across the way, especially two of the movie’s key players, a man named Terry she’s been seeing casually (played by Byron Bowers) and a mysterious onlooker (Devin Ratray). 

She spends her days listening to audio she calls “streams” in which random people called upon Kimi for something and it didn’t understand and provide the proper response. Angela hears the audio and adds adjustments to the Kimi software so it can distinguish difficult commands such as when someone asks to play “ME!” it knows they are talking about the Taylor Swift song. Before we get to the rest, be warned: SPOILERS are ahead for Kimi

Zoe Kravitz as Angela in Kimi

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What Happened At The End Of Kimi

The inciting incident of Kimi is when Angela hears a piece of audio that seems off from the others. She listens closely and tunes into a stream that sounds like a woman who is in danger and being hurt. Angela’s first plan of action is to speak to her employer and report the audio stream, however her boss is uninterested in bothering with it. He asks her to not get involved, but she ends up asking a coworker of hers about it and he gives her information that allows her to hear more streams from the same audio device of the mysterious woman. 

What Angela learns is that the woman, whose name is Samantha, was raped and subsequently killed after she threatened to reveal the truth. Angela decides to get in contact with one of the corporation’s heads, Natalie Chowdhury (played by Rita Wilson). Initially she cannot get through to Natalie, but after many phone calls, she returns her call and asks Angela if she’d like to come to her office to listen to the audio with her and the company of the FBI. Angela pushes through her fear of leaving her home to meet with Natalie, but once she gets there the company head invalidates her, citing her mental health history and they are not in the company of the FBI. 

Angela goes to the restroom and returns to Natalie’s office to two men charging at her. She frantically escapes and decides to walk to the nearby FBI headquarters to report the case. While she’s on foot, an expert begins to track her and the two men catch up to her and take her back to her house to get rid of the evidence of the woman’s murder. The mysterious onlooker sees she is perhaps in trouble and comes with them inside the house. While held captive at her home, Angela’s mother video calls her and she asks Kimi to answer the call, giving her warning to her intruders. Then, using her digital assistant as a sidekick, Angela gets away briefly and finds a nail gun as a weapon and shoots the intruders, gets help from her mysterious neighbor (who reveals himself to be a man named Kevin) and calls 9-1-1 just as Terry shows up at her door with flowers. 

Zoe Kravitz as Angela looking at computer in Kimi

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Who Was Behind The Audio In Kimi?

Angela finds herself in such a dangerous situation in Kimi because the rapist who is actively trying to cover up the murder of the woman he raped is the CEO of the company she works for, Bradley Hasling. He had the men who are following Angela throughout the movie to kill her and subsequently follow her to destroy all evidence of the rape and murder. 

Hasling is the man who is showed in a meeting at the very beginning of Kimi and later after he is revealed in a flashback image shares that he is the one who gave the woman he raped the Kimi. Because Angela was listening and decided to delve into it deeper, Hasling is arrested at the end of the film and justice is served. 

Zoe Kravitz with blue hair as Angela in Kimi

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Angela’s Backstory Revealed

Angela is agoraphobic, which is an anxiety disorder in which you fear or avoid places or situations that cause you to panic or make you feel trapped. Per the Mayo Clinic, people with agoraphobia often have a hard time feeling safe in public places. Her disorder is made known early in the film when Angela is invited outside to grab a bite to eat with Terry and she becomes panicked before leaving her house and invites him over instead. Angela is seeing a therapist and it is hinted that she lost her father and the massive house she is staying in was his. 

Just ahead of the third act of Kimi, we learn that Angela was sexually assaulted and placed on trial instead of the man who assaulted her, as she reveals while speaking to Rita Wilson’s Natalie. It then makes sense why Angela is particularly interested in getting to the bottom of Samantha’s murder and has a “strong feeling” that the audio is from a situation of the sort. Her trauma from the incident could have very well led to her agoraphobia. In Kimi, once Angela solves the mystery at the center of the film and takes down the guys after her, she makes significant progress to get past her anxiety and is seen going out with Terry outside her house. 

In the final shot of Kimi, Angela has dyed her hair light pink instead of its bright blue and it looks as if she’s happy and enjoying her life. It’s a case of solving another mystery that helped Angela begin to get past her own obstacles. Now that you’ve streamed Kimi, check out what other great HBO movies or other Zoë Kravitz movies and TV shows to stream now, here on CinemaBlend. 

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