Kyle Richards Says ‘Don’t @ Me’ After Posting Sultry New Magazine Cover For Halloween Ends Release

Kyle Richards in Halloween Ends' final trailer
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As Kyle Richards graces big screens once again as Lindsay Wallace in Halloween Ends, alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, the actress and TV personality can also be found on the front of quite an eye-catching magazine cover. Richards’ arms are around the neck and back of a naked man for a new photoshoot. And as she revealed the sultry photos, the Halloween star told people not to “@” her for a few reasons. 

Kyle Richards was photographed by Mike Ruiz for Photobook Magazine’s latest cover alongside two-time world kickboxing world champion, Thomas Canestraro. It’s a rather provocative cover, which the actress shared on Instagram alongside the following caption: 

Upon sharing nearly naked photos of herself with her arms and leg wrapped around a bare-bummed Canestraro, Kyle Richards doesn’t want negative chatter online about it. The Halloween Ends actress said that the photographer had to convince her to pose for the pictures, but she didn’t say yes without getting the approval of her family, including her husband of 26 years, Mauricio Umansky, whom they FaceTimed during the shoot. 

Richards looks powerful and badass on the front cover of Photobook Magazine, plus, let’s be honest here, this cover is just on fire. A photoshoot like this is one people will remember, and as Kyle Richards also said in her post, it’s art! I think it’s time for us all to skip the part of this conversation where people might shame women for going the seductive route in photos. She looks good and she even got the green light from her family before going for it, so there's nothing left to do but hype her up or move on. 

Upon posting, celebrities like Tori Spelling, Lance Bass and Jersey Shore’s Snooki cheered her on, letting her know how good she looks. During the magazine interview, Richards spoke about her time as a child star, her experience on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and being part of the final act of the Halloween trilogy, which is set to be Jamie Lee Curtis’ last rodeo as scream queen, Laurie Strode. 

One of Kyle Richards' first roles was in 1978’s Halloween, as Lindsey, the young girl Laurie is babysitting when all hell breaks loose and Michael Myers terrorizes Haddonfield. Over 40 years later, Richards and Curtis are back together again, after previously being in Halloween Kills, this time for one last stand-off against The Shape. 

So far, Halloween Ends is receiving mixed reviews from critics, but is set to make a lot of money during its opening weekend, with a $43 million projection. As Halloween Ends slashes through theaters and Peacock, you can check out CinemaBlend’s interviews with the Halloween Ends cast, including with Kyle Richards. After you check out the latest installment of the beloved franchise, see what other upcoming horror movies are set to be released next. 

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