Lori Harvey Explains The Key To Success In Her Relationship With Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan and Chanté Adams play First Sergeant Charles Monroe King and Dana Canedy in A Journal For Jordan.
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Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan have been going strong for over a year after becoming Instagram official in January 2021. The couple has been all over social media with their vacation photos. While maintaining their growing relationship, Harvey and Jordan have been quite busy due to their respective schedules. But that hasn’t slowed down their passion for each other. The model revealed the key to success in her relationship with the Creed III star.

Sharing a life with Jordan isn’t anything new for Harvey as she witnessed her stepfather Steve Harvey and mother Marjorie balance a relationship while in the spotlight. So entering a relationship with the Black Panther star wasn’t a major deal for her. Having observed her parents’ relationship, Lori Harvey divulged to PopSugar how she and Michael B. Jordan keep their relationship going.

Always communicate. Overcommunicate, even, so you are always on the same page. Also, be friends first. You know how sometimes you fight with your siblings and, of course, you love them, but you're like, 'I don't even like you right now'? It's important to always be friends whether you like the person.

Clearly Harvey understood what it meant to be in a relationship with a Hollywood star. It seemed like her parents’ relationship was a good example as her famous stepfather opened up about knowing her mother was “the one” after a contentious divorce from his first wife. So the blueprint was set for Lori Harvey and her movie star boyfriend.

Building a romantic relationship on communication and friendship will help keep a Hollywood romance alive. From the outside looking in, it appeared that philosophy is working for Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan. This wasn’t the first time the entrepreneur has spoken about her love for Jordan. She mentioned how the couple tries to balance their public and private lives while sharing what attracted her to him. So, it appeared the super-couple has the right priorities when it comes to keeping the romance going.

Of course, communication is key as the couple has been juggling full schedules lately. That was the case for Lori Harvey’s 25th birthday celebration. While Harvey was surrounded by a multitude of friends, Michael B. Jordan was busy prepping for his directorial debut Creed III. While he couldn’t with her physically, Jordan did make sure his girlfriend was taken care of as he rented out Nobu Malibu and paid for the entire celebration. It seemed effort and intention are a huge component of their relationship.

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan even have family approval despite Steve Harvey being suspicious of Jordan putting on a persona at first. Now, the Family Feud host had become fond of the Without Remorse star. Hopefully, the couple will only continue to grow in the future.

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