Mission: Impossible 8 Is Filming In The Arctic Now, And Hayley Atwell Honestly Makes It Look Amazing

The Mission: Impossible franchise is one of the most successful and beloved action movie franchises ever. Since the first film’s release in 1996, fans have eagerly awaited each new installment in Ethan Hunt’s and his team’s ongoing adventures. Series star Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell, and the rest of the Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning cast have been filming the two upcoming M: I movies, thanks to several COVID-related delays, since 2020. The filming of the eighth in the series is now underway in one of the most extreme locations imaginable: the Arctic. Thanks to some social media posts by one of the cast members, we have our first look at the film’s extreme environment, but honestly, it kind of looks amazing. 

Series newcomer Hayley Atwell, whose involvement director Christopher McQuarrie announced in September 2019, has been sharing several first looks at Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 2’s current filming location on her Instagram. While the Arctic is known for its challenging weather and working conditions, the actress has posted some breathtaking landscape images to her Instagram Stories and they are downright stunning. The first of the photos were taken on the back of a watercraft and is accompanied by a presumably hand-drawn message from Atwell, “Arctic sailing.” You can see the Captain America: The First Avenger alum’s post below.

An image from the set of M:I 8, taken by Hayley Atwell

(Image credit: Hayley Atwell)

Talk about a view! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg–see what I did there? Hayley Atwell posted a second image to her stories of the sun setting below a beautiful snow-covered horizon, and it’s honestly just something to be seen to be believed. You can check it out for yourself below. 

image taken by Hayley Atwell while working on Mission: Impossible 8

(Image credit: Hayley Atwell)

That wasn’t all The Duchess actress had to share about her time on a Mission: Impossible set. She took the time to highlight the joy of working with her costar, Inuit actor and filmmaker Lucy Tulugarjuk. In the heartwarming post, which you can see on her Instagram, Atwell says,” I’ve had the privilege of working with Lucy Tulugarjuk, a fiercely talented actor, filmmaker and traditional Katajjaq throat singer,” according to the actress, Tulugarjuk has been “showing all of us the ropes with her humor, kindness, and wisdom.” She wrote: 

Traversing through the spellbinding Arctic landscape feels a long, long way from the little West London home I grew up in. But Lucy’s been showing all of us the ropes with her humour, kindness and wisdom. She’s from Igloolik, Nunavut; a place where people have thrived, in harmony with the ice, for thousands of years. It’s been incredible learning from her about Iglulingmiut culture, Inuktitut language, and the extraordinary traditions of her people, which she’s shared so generously. I get really inspired when I’m working with people who have so much to offer, and Lucy is one of them. She’s so proud of where she’s from, and does so much work to elevate the Inuit community, preserve the language, and celebrate her heritage. Having Lucy give me tips on how to stay warm, and telling me about how the Arctic can be a place full of resources, beauty and magic, has really expanded my worldview. The Arctic has won my heart.

What a beautiful post from the Agent Carter star. It makes one reconsider what they have heard about the polar landscape. Of course, filming in the Arctic has its challenges. But if anyone is cut out for pulling off something difficult, it’s Tom Cruise and the Mission: Impossible crew. Everyone seems to be more than up to the task, and if Atwell’s images are any indication, the result will be breathtaking. 

When Do The Next Mission: Impossible Movies Come Out?

Dead Reckoning Part One (AKA Mission: Impossible 7): July 14, 2023

Dead Reckoning Part Two (AKA Mission: Impossible 8):  June 28, 2024.

Hayley Atwell has had to remain in shape between shooting her two M: I appearances, which should be handy while trekking along the artic. After the seventh film finally wrapped in September 2021, the cast and crew returned for the eighth film in March 2022. The actress has shown fantastic progress pics, such as one of her ripped back along the way. 

The next two films in the ongoing spy series are expected to cap off Tom Cruise’s time in the Mission: Impossible movies and begin to hit on the 2023 movie schedule

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