Move Over, Pam Anderson: M3GAN Just Landed Her First Modeling Job, And There Are Pics

Just two months ago, Blumhouse’s latest horror creation, M3GAN, hit theaters, and the original IP is already iconic. Between her one-of-a-kind outfit to her viral dance scene, the A.I. doll is not only making waves among movie fans, but in the fashion industry as well. That’s right, M3GAN just landed her first modeling job, and maybe famous faces like Pam Anderson and Gigi Hadid should be shaking in their heels at her debut in the space, because she looks fabulous. Plus, it’s for a huge name! 

M3GAN just modeled an outfit for Marc Jacobs on the Heaven By Marc Jacobs Instagram page. Take a look: 

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The unfriendly movie doll can be pictured wearing a Deftones’ God Help Me Up zip hoodie for the brand, which is promoting its collaboration with the famed metal band and streetwear brand Stray Rats. The hoodie has a menacing skull and the band’s name in large red lettering across the front and on the sleeves. M3GAN is modeling the hoodie alongside a mini skirt and some incredible platform black boots. It’s certainly more punk rock than her usual getup that has the doll in a beige dress and large bow on her neck. 

Perhaps this is M3GAN 2.0 in progress? Following the Blumhouse horror movie finding success at the box office at the top of the year, along with earning positive praise from critics and horror fans alike, a sequel has already been greenlit, with its official title being M3GAN 2.0. But not so fast, the movie isn’t being rushed into production, as its release date set for about two years from now, on January 17, 2025. 

While we wait and see what M3GAN’s return to the big screen will be like, it’s clear the movie monster of sorts has already made a mark on pop culture given Marc Jacobs is asking the doll to be a face of its latest campaign. The horror lead is menacing, sure, but she’s also very fashionable, so why not collaborate with murderous A.I. technology? 

The fashion brand also called upon other big names like American Pie and The Big Lebowski actress Tara Reid, The White Lotus’ Michael Imperioli and fashion designer Sandy Liang to be part of this particular campaign. Additionally, Marc Jacobs recently also had icons like Paris Hilton, Selma Blair and Ashlee Simpson be part of another one of its campaigns to bring back the re-released 2000s Stam bag. Jacobs is going all in on star power this season, and M3GAN is part of it! 

After M3GAN made moves on the big screen, the movie has hit streaming with an unrated cut that has more gore and explicit language than the theatrical PG-13 version. It certainly seems like M3GAN isn’t going anywhere after her impressionable debut, and it’s quite inspired of Marc Jacobs to use the movie character in its campaign!

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