Netflix's Falling For Christmas Was Better Than I Expected, Here's Why I Want To See Lindsay Lohan Act More

Lindsay Lohan smiling among very festive decorations in Falling for Christmas.
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If Christmas rom-coms were a weather pattern, then this time of year is when the big world ending blizzard hits. Anyone with a Netflix subscription and a shovel knows it, and this year was especially notable because the movie Falling for Christmas heralded Lindsay Lohan’s return to acting. 

I’m going to admit this up front, even as a fan of well-put-together rom-coms and holiday movies, the combination of the two doesn’t always work for me; which makes the fact that Falling for Christmas was better than I expected something similar to a Christmas miracle. 

A good part of why things worked as well as they did was Lindsay Lohan, who, for several reasons, looked quite at home in director Janeen Damian’s streaming holiday offering. Because of these unexpected results, I’m really excited to see a potential Lohanaissance kicking into gear, but before we go too deep on that, let’s talk about Falling for Christmas a little. 

Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet and Olivia Perez in Falling for Chritmas.

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Falling For Christmas Doesn’t Push Too Hard On Either Half Of The Rom Com Formula

Right out of the gate, let’s lay down a comparison you’ve probably already made in your mind. If you take Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn’s Overboard, tone down the questionable aspects and amp up the Hallmark heartwarming, you’d get the formula that Netflix used to create Falling for Christmas

This isn’t a complaint in any way, as I loved that movie as a kid, and this reskin of that formula works by not pushing itself too hard on either half of the rom-com spectrum. Movies like Falling for Christmas stereotypically push the credibility of both the romantic and comedic aspects. Everything’s played broadly, with a tendency to go over the top in hopes that it cranks up the magic of love and Christmas. 

While Lindsay Lohan’s cinematic homecoming isn’t devoid of pratfalls and a bit of excess, it doesn’t bury the needle like a lot of movies would be tempted to do. The result is a legitimately cute offering that offers a lot of the comforts you’d want without too much schmaltz in the recipe. 

Lindsay Lohan in Falling for Christmas

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Lindsay Lohan Looks Really Comfortable In Her Return To Acting

Getting back into the game of performing isn’t always a home run. Easing back into that world is something that requires the right approach, otherwise it could serve as a reminder of why an actor stepped away in the first place. As far as returns go, Lindsay Lohan’s role as Sarah, the hotel heiress with amnesia trying to figure out who she is, is a great fit for bringing her back into action.  

Lohan's undoubtedly comfortable with being back in the acting saddle, and it made Falling for Christmas an even cozier experience. Again, this is where this very genre-focused project surprises the most. The film allowed its entire cast to sidestep the usual over-the-top antics of a holiday rom-com, which opened Ms. Lohan and the entire cast to actually sell their roles pretty convincingly. 

Whether it was being moved by the mournful, but kind spirit of Chord Overstreet’s character Jake, or reacting to a CGI raccoon that surprised her by lurking outside her window, Lindsay Lohan is game for whatever comes her way. It's admirable dedication and a very good omen for her future with Netflix.

Lindsay Lohan in Falling For Christmas

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Reteaming With Netflix Could Let Lindsay Lohan Try On Other Genres

If Lindsay Lohan were to just stick with Netflix rom-coms, then that’d still be a welcome sign. She already has another one on tap with Janeen Damian directing yet again, as we saw with the announcement of their next film Irish Wish, so more fun is on the way. However, as seen in her recent interview with fellow Mean Girls vet Amanda Seyfried, Lohan is keen to get into so many other genres of movies. 

Should this continued partnership between Falling for Christmas’ star and the streaming giant continue to be fruitful, the possibilities are endless. Netflix has so many spinning plates when it comes to the types of movies it offers. As the studio has kickstarted Lindsay Lohan’s potential resurgence, and the powers-that-be love to re-team with talent across the board, anything could be open to Lohan if she’s game.

Imagine another Knives Out movie with Lindsay as one of the suspects, or maybe even an Extraction-style action movie where she’s the lead charged with saving the world. Those are two big examples that don't represent the entire scope of what Lindsay Lohan could be doing for Netflix, should the studio be as open to such possibilities. 

The main cast of Mean Girls.

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Every New Movie Brings Us One Step Closer To A Mean Girls Legacyquel

Going back to the Amanda Seyfried interview, the possibility of a Mean Girls legacy-quel was discussed yet again. With Seyfried casting doubt it would ever happen, there is always the possibility that Paramount could see the Lohanaissance grow to a point where seriously thinking about a proper sequel is too good to not ponder over.

Lindsay Lohan’s fans continuing to support her comeback would be a powerful force in making something like that happen. It’s certainly not a mistake that Falling for Christmas contains a Mean Girls easter egg that fans will probably light up with delight over. So who's to disagree with the hypothesis that every new Lindsay Lohan movie would bring us one step closer to a new chapter in the Mean Girls story?

It’s not exactly guaranteed, but if the numbers start to speak for themselves, you could imagine that at the very least, a Paramount+ original film would be pitched at some point or another. Though some could argue that with the loyal internet fan base at its back, a proper Mean Girls 2 could be the next Top Gun: Maverick-style event at a theater near you. 

I may not be a holiday rom-com expert, and others on our staff have shared some deeper thoughts on how Falling for Christmas inspired them. This entire viewpoint comes from someone who’s obviously more comfortable in the corner of the room where the debate over whether On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a Christmas movie or not is raging on. 

Even with that caveat in mind, I’m not immune to the charms of a good holiday romance, and this Lindsay Lohan offering fits the bill. If you’re open to checking this flick out yourself, you can head over to Netflix and stream Falling for Christmas as part of your own seasonal merriment. 

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